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How Does Identity Guard Protect?

  • Store your credit cards safely, make online purchases with 1-click.
  • Text alerts when your personal information is being used.
  • $2000 emergency cash if your wallet is lost or stolen.

Identity Guard® Essentials / $8.99 Per Month

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Identity Guard®






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  • $1 Million Identity Insurance
  • Lost/Stolen Wallet Protection
  • Identity Guard® Alert System
  • Internet Black Market Monitoring

Identity Guard Suspicious Activity Alerts

Anytime you or someone pretending to be you tries to update information to your current accounts (address changes, bank passwords, etc.) or applies for a new credit card, cell phone, or any other credit product – Identity Guard® will send you an alert via phone, text, or email. You will be able to confirm if the activity is valid or if you will have to take safety measures if you think it’s fraud.

Internet Monitoring

Identity Guard® monitors black market websites‚ secret chat rooms‚ and underground forums to see if your credit card number, bank account or Social Security Number is used fraudulently. If any risky information pops up, they will notify you immediately.

Lost Wallet Protection

If you lose your wallet through theft or otherwise, Identity Guard® can cancel your credit card accounts and provide you with up to $2,000 emergency cash from an account of your choice.

Identity Monitoring

Their comprehensive monitoring tools scour thousands of databases for you‚ promptly alerting you if your Social Security Number is detected. This will allow you to protect your data before an identity thief can cause additional damage.

Recovery Assistance

You will have access to ITAC Victim Assistance which provides expert advice and support in case you become a victim of identity theft. You can call 1-800-452-2541 and speak to a live representative to resolve your issues.

Online Resources & Tools

The company offers educational materials to spread awareness along with calculators that members can use in case the need arises.

$1 Million Identity Insurance

In case you become a victim of identity theft, you can be provided with loss coverage of up to $1 million to hire the right team of professionals who will restore your identity.

Identity Guard® Total Protection / $16.99 Per Month

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Identity Guard®

Total Protection®





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  • Quarterly Credit Scores and Reports
  • PC Antivirus Software
  • Address Change Monitoring
  • 3 Bureau Credit Analyzer

In addition to all the services outlined above, the Total Protection package has the following unique features:

Anti-Virus Software

It’s a PC software protection software package that allows you to install an anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software on your computer.

Credit Analyzer

This tool uses information from the credit bureaus to predict your credit and future finances. With this tool, you can make informed decisions when opening or closing accounts, making payments, creating additional credit inquiries and more.

Mobile App

Identity Guard’s downloadable mobile application allows users to monitor alerts and credit scores wherever and whenever they want.

Address Monitoring

Changing the physical address on someone’s account is still one of the most popular methods used by identity thieves. Identity Guard® will alert you whenever a change in your address is detected within their system.

3 Bureau Credit Monitoring

This feature alerts you if any major changes are made to your credit report by any of the credit bureaus including TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. This feature is also inclusive of new loans and applications.

Public Records Monitoring

The company monitors all public records and alerts you if any changes are made to criminal or civil court records, registrations, names or aliases, licenses, and bankruptcy files etc.

Keystroke Encryption Software

Identity Guard® offers a software called PrivacyProtect® that encrypts keystrokes making them unintelligible to identity thieves. This ensures that your information is kept safe when on wireless networks.

Password Protection Software

ID Vault® encrypts and stores all of your important log in information securely.

Quarterly Credit Reports

The average person doesn’t even look at their credit report once a year, and that’s alarming. This feature allows you to visit Identity Guard’s dashboard and view your credit reports from TransUnion, Experian and Equifax every 3 months.

Quarterly Credit Scores

You can access your updated credit scores from all 3 credit bureaus every 3 months. Having continual access to your credit scores allows you to study them and have a better understanding of your credit worthiness when it’s time to apply for credit.

Identity Guard® Platinum / $22.99 Per Month

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Identity Guard®






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  • Monthly Credit Scores and Reports
  • PC Antivirus Software
  • Address Change Monitoring
  • 3 Bureau Credit Analyzer

  • Includes everything from the Total Protection plan but instead of quarterly credit reports and scores, you get them MONTHLY! You can stay even more proactive with your credit file and be able to spot any new changes even faster.

Identity Guard® Couples Plan / $26.99 Per Month

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Identity Guard®

Couples Plan®





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  • $1M Total Service Guarantee*
  • Quarterly Credit Scores and Reports
  • Black Market Website Surveillance
  • Lost/Stolen Wallet Protection

  • Includes everything from the Total Protection plan but for only $10 more a month you add a second person to the policy.

Identity Guard® Family Plan / $27.99 Per Month

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Identity Guard®

Family Plan®





Enroll now

  • $1M Total Service Guarantee*
  • Quarterly Credit Scores and Reports
  • Black Market Website Surveillance
  • Lost/Stolen Wallet Protection

  • Includes everything from the Total Protection plan for two adults.
  • For $1 more than the couples plan, protects up to 15 children (proof of guardianship required to access child’s information) monitored as part of the kID Sure® program.

kID Sure® Program

Identity thieves are targeting children at an alarming rate since they have a clean credit profile. As a parent, you should make it a priority to have your children monitored. To combat this problem, Identity Guard created the kID Sure® program.

Here’s what the program monitors:

  • Child’s ID Footprint Report w/ Analysis
  • Public Records Monitoring
  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • Registered Bank Accounts Monitoring
  • Prompt Monitoring Alerts
  • Personal Recovery Assistance
  • Unlimited Toll-Free Customer Service

Fine print of kID Sure® program

Parents are obligated to submit documented proof of legal guardianship. As a parent you must agree that:

  • Each child you enroll must reside at your address
  • Provide documents that prove the legitimacy of the child you want to enroll
  • You must be the parent or legal guardian of any child you sign up for the program

About Identity Guard®

Identity Guard® was created more than twenty years ago to offer all customers the trusted protection that was once available only to major financial institutions. As a leading provider of consumer and corporate identity risk management services‚ Identity Guard offers a variety of premier identity theft‚ privacy, and consumer solutions.


Identity Guard® has built a strong reputation in the industry for providing a superior product than its competitors. It boasts an A+ rating with the BBB, click here to see for yourself. A consumer survey conducted recently cites Identity Guard as one of the top performing identity theft protection firms in the industry.

There are three different memberships that include: Identity Guard® Essentials, Identity Guard® Total Protection, and Identity Guard® Platinum. The monthly fee for all the above packages ranges from as little as $8.99 to $22.99. In addition to the competitive prices, all packages currently come with a 30-day free trial period that allows consumers to test the service and determine which best suits their needs.

Identity Guard® shines in the following areas:

  • Sending Suspicious Activity Alerts via Text, Phone, or Email
  • Anti-Keylogging Software and Anti-Virus Software
  • Quarterly or Monthly Credit Scores & Reports (Excludes Essentials plan)
  • Lost Wallet Protection – Receive up to $2,000 in emergency cash
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Reimbursement Insurance
  • Convenient Mobile App

identity guard total protection

Identity Guard uses 3 levels of service when protecting their customers and they are:

1) Identity and Credit Monitoring

The innovative and proactive technology monitors your personal and financial information to help you stay aware of your identity. If there are suspicious changes to your credit profile, you’ll be alerted quickly by your preference of – phone, text, or email.

Identity Guard® offers 3 bureau credit scores and reports (either monthly or quarterly) to its members depending on the plan they enroll in (excludes Essentials plan). Most competitors don’t offer 3 bureau scores and reports, which sets Identity Guard® ahead of the pack.

Every quarter (3 months), you’ll receive a report that informs you of all information found through public record monitoring. The report will include any new changes found or to let you know that everything looks fine.

2) Protecting Members from Identity Thieves

Unlike other competing companies that do little or nothing to protect your computer from outside attacks, Identity Guard® goes the extra mile by offering a product that protects its users. SafeConnex is a free protection software that ensures credit card numbers, sensitive computer passwords etc. are protected in a secure environment.

The software tools that come with membership are designed to help secure personal information and keep it out of the hands of “bad guys.” PrivacyProtect® encrypts keystrokes making them unreadable to malware. This will allow you to to browse the Internet securely without worrying about malware invading and stealing precious data from your computer.

ZoneAlarm® Internet Security software is a quick and easy download that helps keep PC’s safe from threats of antivirus‚ anti-spyware, and includes firewall protection.

ID Vault® stores all login credentials and credit card information which allows for secure‚ one-click access to on-line shopping‚ banking, and other important accounts.

3) Recovering from Identity Theft

If any personal information is stolen, Identity Guard and its representatives will do everything in their power to restore your identity and get your life back. Their recovery assistance team will help guide your recovery and find a resolution.

Identity Guard® will spend up to $1 million in identity theft insurance expenses that results from identity theft.

If your wallet is lost/stolen, Identity Guard’s Lost Wallet Protection will help cancel and re-order new credit cards. A wonderful perk that comes in handy especially while vacationing abroad is having access of up to $2,000 from one of your bank accounts.

Best Family Plan in the Industry

Identity Guard® has recently added two new plans to the mix that will be available to our readers at a discounted rate compared to Identity Guard’s website. There’s the Couples Plan (Which covers two adults) for $26.99 and the Family Plan – (Which covers two adults + up to 15 children under 18 years old) for only $1 more for a total of $27.99. The adults receive the Total Protection plan for both plans and children receive – Child identity monitoring (kID Sure® program).

The Family Plan is cost effective for families since the kID Sure® program normally costs $9.99 per child. For families with multiple children, this is the way to go to protect everyone’s identity.

Partnerships with Other White-Label Endorsing Companies

To ensure provision of top quality services, Identity Guard® works in partnership with The University of Texas to research and identify trends in identity theft and fraud as well as collect information/data. This research is specifically geared towards enhancement of national, business and individual identity security.

Identity Guard® not only provides protection products for its clientele, but it also provides its services to firms that are willing to invest in white-label protection for their customers. This allows the reselling companies to pass attractive discounts to their clients.

Companies that invest in Identity Guard’s white-label products always benefit from discounted prices. A few of the firms that use white-label identity products by Identity Guard for their customers at the moment include Bank of America along with many others.


  • No Credit Freezes
  • No Medical ID Monitoring

The refund policy of Identity Guard® states that clients who are annual subscribers receive pro-rated refunds. It, however, doesn’t mention the annual pricing or discounts anywhere else in its extensive materials. Consequently, this has led to confusion of many potential clients.

Perhaps the main and only downer of SafeConnex is that it’s only compatible with Windows devices. Apple users cannot benefit from it.

Those who subscribe to either the Identity Guard® Platinum or Identity Guard® Total Protection packages receive three bureau credit monitoring. On the other hand, the Identity Guard Essentials package does not come with 3 bureau credit monitoring.

Conclusion: Is Identity Guard® the Best Identity Theft Company?

Identity Guard® offers its clients a variety of packages whose features and pricing can cater to multiple price points. These packages are quite unique and competitive compared to those provided by competitors.

The benefits outweigh the negatives by a large margin. The sign-up process is very simple – from using the easy to navigate website – to speaking with their extremely professional customer support staff. You can view your credit score, public records, and retrieve more valuable information directly from the easy-to-use dashboard.

Identity Guard’s lost wallet protection feature is better than its competitors due to the fact that you can receive up to $2,000 of emergency money. The added benefits of antivirus software and keystroke encryption just makes their case that much stronger as a leader in the industry.

Identity Guard® is our top recommended provider of identity theft protection due to its overall monitoring and the multiple perks provided to its members.

Featured Plans Essentials

Total Protection


Social Security Number Monitoring c c c
Online “Black Market” Monitoring c c c
ID verification Alerts c c c
Account Takeover Alerts c c c
Identity Theft Victim Assistance c c c
Lost Wallet Protection c c c
$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance c c c
ID Vault Password Protection c c c
Address Change Monitoring c c c
3-Bureau Credit Monitoring c c c
Credit Report Updates c c c
Credit Scores c c c
Credit Score Updates c c Quarterly c Monthly
3-Bureau Credit Analzyer c c c
Account Access via Mobile App c c c
Public Record Monitoring c c c
PC Keyboard Encryption Software c c c
PC Antivirus Software c c c

The homepage of Identity Guard® shows an overview of the plan you’ve subscribed to. The interface is easy to read and shows you everything you need to know about your identity protection. If you want complete protection with Identity Guard®, you will want to activate all the available options shown on your screen.

Identity guard home page

Credit Scores & Reports

Unlike other identity theft protection companies, Identity Guard goes the extra mile and allows you to view all of your credit scores from the three credit bureaus. The Credit Information section allows you to view your credit scores and credit reports. The Analyzer tool helps you understand the causes and effects of your credit score. It also describes certain elements regarding your credit report.


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Identity Guard®






Enroll now

  • $1 Million Identity Insurance
  • Lost/Stolen Wallet Protection
  • Identity Guard Alert System
  • Internet Black Market Monitoring

Public Report Summary

Identity Guard® summarizes the number of times your personal information is found on the Internet. It also identifies the specific information that’s found and where on the Internet it’s showing up. The Monitored Data section shows exactly what personal information is currently being monitored, and you can also add several bank accounts as well as credit cards.


Computer Software Tools

The computer protection services section has software you can download to help protect your computer. Protecting your computer is another measure you can take to protect your identity and Identity Guard® offers these options exclusively to its members. ZoneAlarm® protects your PC from viruses, malware, and spyware. PrivacyProtect® is an anti-logging software that keeps identity thieves from stealing your password. Lastly, ID Vault® secures login access to accounts.

computer software tools

Message Center

Identity Guard® sends you messages on a need-to-know basis when crucial information or changes come up regarding your identity. A helpful tool that helps you filter the types of messages you want to read and go through is also available.

message center

“We shall be excess over any other insurance, including, without limitation, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. If you have other insurance that applies to a loss under this policy, the other insurance shall pay first. This policy applies to the amount of loss that is in excess of the Limit of Insurance of your other insurance. In no event shall we pay more than our Limits of Insurance as shown above.”

In simpler terms: Identity Guard® is claiming that they are a secondary insurance to any other insurance that may apply to the member’s policy. If there is any money that the primary insurance company can’t cover, then the rollover amount will be picked up by Identity Guard.

Identity Guard® leverages a service called CashEdge provided by Fiserv, which is used for account aggregation. In the event that your identity is stolen, Identity Guard will send you ITAC Sentinel for recovery and assistance rather than work with them directly.

Limits of Insurance

  • Elderly, Spousal and Child Care: $2,000 per policy period
  • Travel Expenses: $1,000 per policy period
  • Lost Wages: $2,000 per week for up to 5 weeks every policy period
  • Legal costs are a part of the insurance limit.

Protect Your Child’s Future for $5/month with Identity Guard’s KidSure Program

kid sure identity theft programYou are obligated to submit documented proof of legal guardianship when signing your children up for KidSure. In addition, Identity Guard’s KidSure program is limited to a maximum of 15 children. If you apply for Minor Monitoring, you agree that:

  • Every child you sign up with Minor Monitoring must reside at your recorded address legally
  • Provide documents that assert the validity of the name you provide
  • You are required to be the parent or legal guardian or any child you sign up for Minor Monitoring

You are required to provide a copy of:

  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Your Social Security card
  • Your driver’s license
  • Any document that can be used to verify that you are the legal guardian of each child you are signing up for KidSure.

Cancelation and Refund Policies

Many customers have repeatedly reported that Identity Guard’s policies are transparent. We strongly encourage current and potential customers to take advantage of this transparency and read all the terms and disclosures before doing business with Identity Guard or any other company for that matter.

The refund policy is one of the areas where Identity Guard® explains its company practices explicitly.

Cancelations During a Free Trial

  • New customers will be allowed a period of 30 days to try Identity Guard® products during which they won’t be charged a monthly subscription fee.
  • All cancelations should be reported to one of Identity Guard’s customer service reps via phone at 1-800-452-2541.

Current Customers with Monthly Subscriptions

  • Those who have paid for Identity Guard® packages on a monthly basis can cancel their memberships at any time they wish to.
  • Like free membership cancelations, one can only process their cancelations by calling a customer service representative at Identity Guard (1-800-452-2541).
  • Identity Guard® does not offer prorated or partial month refunds for the remaining period of a monthly membership.
  • In the event that a member of Identity Guard cancels their monthly subscription, they will continue to have access to their services for the remaining part of the month.

Current Customers with Annual Subscriptions

  • As with all the other products above, cancelation for an annual subscription must be done via a phone call to an Identity Guard® customer care representative.
  • Identity Guard® asserts that those who subscribe annually are liable for a refund for their unused service time. This means that even if the remaining amount is less than $1, then that’s what a the customer will receive.
  • After cancelation, members will still continue to have access to their services, account, and its features but only for thirty (30) days.
  • Those who subscribe to Identity Guard’s service packages via telephone are charged $1.00 as verification fee which is non-refundable.

Refund Policy of Non-Subscription Services and Products

  • Identity Guard® offers their customers some services including updated single or triple-bureau credit report.
  • Since these products cannot be returned once electronically delivered, they are not refundable as well.

Identity Guard® Q and A

The credit scores reported by Identity Guard are as accurate as it can possibly get. Identity Guard monitors and derives its credit scores from all 3 credit bureaus. They don’t create their own credit profiles for credit worthiness. They use the expertise of Transunion, Equifax, and Experian to report the results for their customer base.

There’s the Couples Plan (Which covers two adults) for $26.99 and the Family Plan – (Which covers two adults + up to 15 children) for only $1 more for a total of $27.99. Adults receive the Total Protection plan for both plans and children receive – Child identity monitoring (kID Sure® program)..

Identity Guard protects by using the most up-to-date technology that monitors the personal and financial information of its customers. Identity Guard provides software to its customers to help secure private information so it stays out of the hands of identity thieves. Prompt alerts are sent by either text, phone, email, or mobile app if there happens to be any suspicious activity.

Identity Guard works by using state-of-the-art technology that monitors personal and financial information that assists customers by alerting them of identity theft. If there is a suspicious transaction that seems fraudulent, Identity Guard will send a fraud alert to the customer by text, phone, or email. If the customer confirms that a transaction is fraudulent, the Identity Guard team will be on the case to make sure no damage can be inflicted.

Both LifeLock and Identity Guard offer the same services except for a few differences. They both offer 3 different tiered plans, but LifeLock is the more expensive service of the two for the premium plan they offer. LifeLock offers a service guarantee and Identity Guard offers an insurance plan. Identity Guard is the favorable choice due to their insurance plan. With LifeLock’s service guarantee, you must prove that LifeLock’s system failed to notify you or they failed to stop the intrusion for you to receive reimbursement under their service guarantee. Identity Guard’s insurance plan will cover the customer as long as the intrusion happens while being a member, no matter what.

Identity Guard has been protecting millions of customers for 20 years and is considered a pioneer in the identity theft protection realm. They offer the most comprehensive protection amongst its competitors. It boasts an A++ rating with the BBB. Services rendered by Identity Guard are above and beyond good since they are considered an industry leader.

Identity Guard Total Protection provides multiple services that most competitors do not include in their plans. Identity Guard provides anti-virus, anti-sypware, and anti-keylogging software to keep their information protected and away from identity thieves. Identity Guard not only monitors all 3 credit bureaus when monitoring customers but also gives credit scores from all 3 bureaus as well. Many of Identity Guard’s competitors don’t offer such comprehensive service.

Identity Guard offers three different plans depending on the level of coverage a customer wants. The “Essentials” plan is cost effective at $9.99 per month. The “Total Protection” plan is a comprehensive plan for a price of $19.99 per month. The “Platinum” plan is the same as the “Total Protection” plan but also includes a monthly 3 credit score and 3 credit report as well for $24.99 per month.

Identity Guard updates credit scores according to the plan that has been enrolled by the customer. Two out of the three plans Identity Guard provides allows for credit scores to be displayed. The “Total Protection” plan includes quarterly credit scores from all three credit bureaus. The “Platinum” plan includes monthly credit scores from all three credit bureaus.

Using Identity Guard to monitor your identity is a precautionary method to keep your precious credit profile kept safe. The value of their service is to alert you more quickly if unauthorized credit applications are made so you can stop any intrusion before significant damage is caused. If there happens to be a breach while being a member, Identity Guard offers up to $1 million in identity theft insurance to cover losses due to identity theft.

Identity Guard monitors credit scores with all three major credit reporting agencies every day and alerts their customers if there are certain changes to their credit profile. When signing up for Identity Guard’s Total Protection or Platinum plans, all customers receive updates of their credit scores and reports from all three major credit bureaus.

Identity Guard uses cutting-edge technology that keeps an eye on your personal and financial information to help you stay alert and aware. Their job is to help protect you against identity theft and handle the situation for you if a breach happens to occur. They are considered to be one of the elite identity theft protection companies in the world.

Both companies are the best in the industry and both provide exceptional service. If you compare LIfelock’s Advantage plan against Identity Guard’s Total protection (both cost $19.99 a month), they both provide comparable services. What sets them apart, is that Identity Guard provides quarterly credit scores and reports where Lifelock only provides them once a year. The better value is choosing Identity Guard.

Identity Guard is a dedicated identity and credit protection company that was created by Intersections Inc. in 1996. They help protect financial information, public records, personal data, PC, and more. They provide outstanding protection services to over 38 million clients. Identity Guard is a pioneer in the industry and one of the most respected companies for identity theft protection.

The corporate headquarters for Identity Guard is located in Chantilly, VA. They can be contacted by telephone Toll-free: 1-800-452-2541. You can write to them here:
Identity Guard
Customer Service
P.O. Box 222455
Chantilly, VA 20153-2455

Identity Guard is a dedicated identity and credit protection company that was created by Intersections Inc. in 1996. They help protect financial information, public records, personal data, PC, and more. They have provided outstanding protection services to nearly 40 million clients. Identity Guard is a pioneer in the industry and one of the most respected companies for identity theft protection.

Identity Guard is owned by Intersections Inc. NASDAQ: (INTX) since 1996. Intersections has been providing elite identity theft protection services to major financial institutions along with helping protect identities of more than 38 million people. Intersections Inc. is partnered with the ITAC (Identity Theft Assistance Center) to provide innovative solutions to help benefit the financial community and families alike.

Identity Guard helps keep you safe from criminal activity and the negative consequences that may follow. If you’re looking for basic protection with access to credit scores all the way to complete comprehensive protection, then they’re the identity theft protection service you are looking for. If you ever become a victim of identity theft, their recovery experts will be there for you by giving the assistance you need to get your life back on track.

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  • Cynthia Close

    Not long ago, I would have read this and thought “Why on earth are they selling plans for children?”
    Not anymore. It seems like every day I read or hear about someone using a child’s social security number to obtain employment or run some kind of scam. Protecting our child’s identity is just as important as protecting our own.

  • charlygree

    I like the idea that you and your team are experts at this. If this ever happened to me I’d have no idea how to handle it. Better to leave situations like this to the pros.

  • Kelly Levine

    Your prices seem really reasonable, especially when I think of the trouble something like this can cause.
    My friend had his identity stolen two years ago, and he’s still dealing with the fall out. I’ve been looking for a security plan for myself – I’m glad I saw your ad

  • Kelly Levine

    I’m glad that you virus software for my computer. That matters a lot to me. I also like the idea that if I lose my wallet you can give me access to emergency cash. I had just such a problem on vacation one time and could have used this service.

  • Constance Payne

    I’ve been reviewing identity theft protection services and I like a lot of your features, but I have a few questions about your coverage and some specific details. Is there someone that I could talk to in person?

  • Anansi White

    I like that they have plans that fit my budget. I did not
    have a bunch of money to pay each month, but I knew I needed to protect my identity
    as well as my families. I like that I can get a plan for my children if I ever
    need one because the elderly are not the only people that can get taken
    advantage of when it comes to identity theft. This services has opened my eyes
    to some of the outrages things criminals will do just to ruin your credit. I was
    watching the news the today about how one ladies credit card information was
    stolen at a coffee shop, and used later to buy goods from a clothing store by the
    coffee shop employee. I’m sure she was using a identity theft protection plan
    which alerted her of the unusual purchase which is amazing. These plans will
    pay for themselves if you ever need to use them (According to my CPA).

  • Credit card fraud and identify theft are becoming major threats to consumer credit. I’ve worked hard for years to make sure my credit rating was excellent, but I know it wouldn’t take much effort for someone to ruin it. Since the only way to protect yourself is to spot the fraud as soon as possible I’m looking for information about identity theft protection. Thanks for reviewing the plans and making my search easier.

  • Andrea Robinson

    The time I lost my credit cards, I was so insane and scrambling to call all the issuers as fast as I could that I completely forgot the fact that I didn’t have any cash! Thank goodness I was able to borrow some money just to get through the next couple of days.

    The fact that the “extras” are so well thought-out speaks very highly of this company. The wallet protection is amazing, and I REALLY want keyboard encryption, as I’m constantly nervous about someone hacking into my computer and getting all my passwords.

    Someone else in the comments here picked up on the fact that it’s very wise to protect the identity of a child, too. People can stalk you in many creative ways and won’t hesitate to go after a child’s info if they can get it. Kudos to you for helping parents safeguard against this. 🙂

  • Martin Robertson

    Why not get the Platinum for only $5 more? I would certainly want my credit score updates every month.

  • Tim Granger

    Really good review article. We are looking for a new way for protection as two months ago we were victims of a bizarre identity theft. I couldn’t believe that people can do such thing or that want to make such awful damage to anyone. Hopefully my and my family’s credit cards will be safe. I bought Identity Guard and I like it so far!

  • Joshua

    One of the scariest things in my life is someone maxing out and stilling my credit cards. All of my life is invested in them because I really work hard everyday to provide for my family. The identity of my children is also important as I’ve recently read some scary cases of identity thefts. So, after I read this review, installing and buying the software was a no brainier for me. It offers me stability and so much features for an affordable amount of money. The plans were shown here so well that it made things so much easier for me.

  • Ourosh

    Oooh identity theft. Really scary, especially because I rarely operate with cash. My wife and I depend on the credit cards. I’ve used one other similar software that I stopped using because the features
    were not so useful to me. However, this looks perfect and thank your for the
    review. I will buy this, just thinking about which plan should I get.

  • Jennifer

    I really like everything about this plan. It’s cost effective for my family and offers us the protection we need to protect our finances. If we do ever lose our credit cards then we know that we really won’t feel the full impact of what happened. It’s great to know that there’s services out there like this.

  • Thomas Peterlin

    Glad that the website is easy to use. Also diggin the kid’s protection plan too.

  • piecorp

    Identity Guard is by far the least scummy identity theft protection company out there. Which doesn’t mean it’s a great company or that the service is worth the money. Do your homework there are a lot of free ways to protect yourself if you’re willing to spend the extra time.

  • Thank you very much for this information. I must say I never really understood identity theft coverage until checking out this review on Identity Guard. As everything is becoming more digital the ability for hacking and gathering individuals personal information is becoming more of an issue every single day. I personally remember when all you had to worry about was losing your purse in order to give a person access to your identity.. Boy have those days changed.. The reality is that very soon everyone will look to have identity theft coverage just like they look for auto insurance. Thanks again for the info.. and keep smiling

  • Identity theft is a very real problem in the modern
    world; more than ever before. Financial crime is no longer limited to forging a
    check or “funny money”. It extends well beyond that spectrum, which is why it
    is so important to have security measures in place. We secure our vehicles and
    our homes, but often forget about our identity. Most financial institutions
    have measures in place, but having extra security for all family members is
    also important. In my circle of contacts, there was recently an attempt to buy
    jewelry and book a trip on a credit card. Luckily the card was of a lower
    limit, otherwise the thief could have gone on a fantastic trip. Identity Guard
    appears to have all that a person needs for 24 hour protection.

  • Hi Martin, you make a good point. Considering companies like True Credit charge $29.99 just to check your credit, adding an extra $5 for monthly credit monitoring and alerts seems to be a pretty smart investment. From 2001-2015 the number one consumer complaint to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was ID theft. The odds are about 25% that you will suffer the consequences of a data breach and being able to spot the red flags on your credit report before the problem gets out of hand is essential to keep your financial details safe in 2016.

  • Sarah Long

    This is a great product and protection plan, in my opinion. My own father is still suffering from a form of identity theft, had it causes havoc everything he travels or needs to open an account. However, the best thing about Identity Guard is the Kid Protection Plan they are rolling out. Most of the time kids, yes even I have done it, have gone to a site used my parent’s card number with and without their permission and then have been scammed. Then the numbers were used some where else in the world and it caused my parents to have to get a new card and report fraud. I honestly, cannot wait to see where this product goes, and can’t wait to read more about it.

  • I’m surprised I’ve never heard of this before… $9.99/month for peace of mind? It almost seems too good to be true. In today’s digital age where we do banking, purchases, bill payments, etc. all through our desktop and phone, I can definitely see the benefit of a service like this.

    However, the Ripoff Report reviews makes me nervous… as do the 31 closed complaints on the first BBB page. I’m glad they openly share links to this information through this page—this demonstrates a transparency that most businesses aren’t brave enough to share. With the internet, it’s easy for a company to get a bad rap. As someone who works in marketing, I’ve seen how far a few individuals with a chip on their shoulder will go to damage a business’ reputation. In short, bad reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I suggest that anyone who is interested in a service like this (which is certainly advantageous considering how many digital avenues our personal information is distributed through every day) do their research. And don’t just take the internet’s opinion—give the company a call, too.

    The idea of a dashboard where you can monitor your most sensitive information is definitely worth looking into.

  • katylady77

    This seems like a great deal. I am going to consider this. I like the alerts option, helps to keep tabs on everything! Going to do a bit more research and probably going to sign up.

  • katylady77

    I just wanted to let you know that I stopped by and signed up!

  • Furkan Gülle

    We live in a world where you can be suspicious about anything and I think this kind of packages are provided to us to prevent any kind of crime that we read everyday from newspapers and such.

    Identity theft is no joke.

  • Kelsey

    It’s awesome that this company will give you up to $2,000 emergency cash if you lose your purse or wallet. I’ve lost my purse before and had to cancel all my cards. I was without cash until my new cards arrived in the mail 2 weeks later! It was really tough, I needed this service then!!

  • Jennifer

    This is just what I have been looking for to secure my family. We have never had our identity compromised, but I never want us to be in that position. It makes me feel safe that if anything happens it won’t be long until everything is safe again.

  • Sarah Long

    After doing a lot of research lately, Identity Guard is really an awesome thing, and cost effective. A lot of the companies I’ve found, either doesn’t offer a lot of information on how specifically they will help protect your identity, or the price is outrageous. So far, this seems like a great deal. It definitely makes me start wanting to talk to my husband some more about possibly getting some kind of protection. Especially, before we buy a house and start having kids.

  • Hello, I just want to say that your services have so great price! I live in Europe, recently we’ve bought an apartment with a private yard, and we pay for it’s protection around 30 euros per month! So I’m just jealous for people who live in USA – prices are better there and the quality is the same – perfect. 🙂

  • Jayson Stonewaller

    Identity theft is a big deal and honestly, once it happens to you, the costs for some of these services are going to seem like peanuts compared to what you can lose from your personal finances. Credit cards are still major targets and even with new technology built into them, fraud is still happening. It is too bad that consumers have to watch every little transaction to be sure it goes through properly and can be trusted through to the end.

  • Ghem Pantollano

    Identity theft protection services is really helpful to everyone especially to those persons with credit cards. By protecting its identity of the owner, it lessens the possibility of some issues like “credit card fraud” . Definitely, I need this.

  • Keira

    This seems to be an impressive product and protection plan, in a world where you can be apprehensive about anything. I think this kind of plans are provided to us to avert all types of misconduct that we come across every day in the news.

  • Ramona G

    You know, I never think too much about identity theft. Playing the big bold girl here, I always felt as if I could handle things myself but seeing as how with the rise of the internet, identity theft is slowly becoming more apparent, I think now more than ever is a great time to check into something of this matter.

  • Sanskrita Srivastava

    One of my biggest nightmares is to have someone steal my identity and ruin my credit and leave me to clean up the mess! But now I feel safer having Identity Guard. It is so easy anymore to have one’s identity stolen. Having Identity Guard gives me peace of mind. Very happy with the services soo far.

  • Nick

    I have a question: Is Zone Alarm any good? Has anyone here tested this? I would like to know how good this antivirus really is considering they offer it for free. This is one of the things that keeps me from joining this. I would also like to know if (from what guys and gals know) there is any chance of my information getting stolen by actual Identity Guard employees. I know this might sounds weird but I’m thinking it would be pretty easy for someone working there to gather our data and sell it online, no?

  • Jesse Yusufu

    I’ve had this service for about a year now and it’s awesome! It helps me plan for purchases and monitor my assets. Generally, it keeps life easier to live! Customer Service Reps via phone are excellence, recognized. Very professional and efficient.

  • Maddie Mahoney

    Great review and a lot of helpful information. You answered the questions that I had and also included some nice additional details that I had been wondering about. Thanks for the post!

  • Brooklyn Thompson

    I am with you on that keyboard encryption! I worry all the time about something like this happening! It’s probably because of all the movies I see where hackers just gather information from unknowing victims and they do it with such an ease that it’s just scary. I know this can happen in real life if you aren’t protected and that’s why I’m looking for an identity guard type of service. Will probably give this service a shot and see how things go – I really want to feel safe again.

  • Chris D.

    Thanks for including the information on the differences between Identity Guard and Lifelock – those were the two that I’ve been going back and forth between, trying to figure out which would be the best value for the price. Your site has provided a lot of valuable information!

  • Marc B.

    Identity theft is real and it’s not going away. It just becomes more sophisticated with the technologies they use to get information from unsuspecting individuals (who could be you and me). I do use a similar service but it’s a little more expensive, but quite comprehensive. Identity Guard appears to offer more features for the basic 9.99 plan. That, and the 30-day trial for $5 would encourage people to try the service.

    I think the important thing here is to do research. A high review rating can be a good indication of the level of service provided, but there are some factors to consider before making a decision. While I am compelled to switch to this service, I still would do more research and make sure that I’m getting the features that match my requirements.

  • Kimberly Norman

    I like that Identity Guard gives you a discounted 30 day option. I appreciate a company who offers a discounted or free trial so that you can test out their product and make sure it’s right for you. Often times it’s not necessarily the plans offered and what’s included that isn’t right for me, it’s the interface online and in app. The a la carte only option for kids is unfortunate, but I do love the keyboard encryption software. That’s unique. I don’t think I’ve seen that before

  • Jenny

    Wow, these plans sound like a great deal. I’m curious about the details for the Identity theft insurance, what counts? Anybody using a card that isn’t yours?

  • Jayson Crackle

    I feel pretty good about the credit monitoring part. I think if there are any issues with my credit and I get an alert, that is better than trying to keep an eye on it 100% myself. It is worth the money. The issue comes into play when it takes longer to show up there and you might have missed the chance to find fraud and put a stop to it another way. This product and service seems like a good value for that price!

  • Mellisa Holman

    Looking at these types of products for few weeks now after my cousin got scammed big time. This software seems really good and you did explained things so well in this review. Mostly I want to protect my credit cards as I’m afraid they can be maxed out. Bookmarked the website to see if I can find more solutions before I decide

  • Well said Jayson! An analogy I like to use for identity theft protection is with car insurance. You pay your monthly payment and you rarely have to call upon your insurance company… UNTIL you get into an accident. If it wasn’t for your insurance, you would most likely have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to repair you car, or the other driver’s car. I always believe in the motto, better to be safe than sorry.

  • We love Identity Guard’s lost wallet protection. They will give you up to $2,000 if you lose your wallet and you have no way of getting some money. No other competitor does this. It’s a fantastic service that separates them from the rest of the pack. They also give anti-virus and keyboard encryption program which is another perk that is wonderful.

  • Keyboard encryption is a wonderful perk while being an Identity Guard member. Hackers are so good at dropping in taking your personal info without you knowing. Having keyboard encryption software gives you the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about getting taken advantage of.

  • Hi Jim, the whole reason I started this site is because I was someone who had a 800 credit score and it was all taken away from me because I had my identity stolen. This is something I truly want to get out into the open because I don’t want to see anyone go through the misery that I endured. Glad you found the information on this site helpful.

  • You are right Anansi. Identity thieves are everywhere. They can be a server at a restaurant, a customer service rep at a clothing store, your next door neighbor, or in my case, my business partner. You have to be very careful with who you shop or do business with.

  • Hi Constance, you can email us with any questions you may @ or you can call Identity Guard directly to get any questions that you need answered. There number is 1-800-452-2541.

  • Yes Cynthia, children are the fastest growing segment of the population that is getting taken advantage of by identity thieves. It’s definitely something that is necessary in this day and age. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better until people really pay attention to their children’s credit.

  • I am so glad you decided to sign up Sanskrita! After having gone through the nightmare of having my identity stolen, I made sure to get protected immediately. There is nothing worse than having that feeling of being taken advantage of like that.

  • You are awesome Katy!! Thank you and give yourself a pat on the back for making the move of getting protected. There is nothing better than having the feeling of peace of mind and not having to worry about your credit getting ruined.

  • Yes Elizabeth, if you look at any big company, there will be tons of complaints from ripoffreport or BBB. Not everyone will be happy with any product or service, it’s just the way it is. You don’t hear from the millions of people that are satisfied with the service they receive. People usually don’t talk if they are happy, it’s when they are upset or angry when they talk on the internet.

  • Hi Diane, Identity Guard is a great service that I think will be beneficial for you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Right now by signing up through our site, you get 30 days free. Might as well try and see if you like it.

  • Good job Tim! Identity Guard is on point with their alerts. It’s the peace of mind that I like most by having identity theft protection. I also don’t have time to fiddle with all the paperwork and phone calls if a breach ever happens to occur. I love how they take care of all of that.

  • Our prices are cheaper than signing up with Identity Guard through their site. It’s a no brainer in my opinion. The average person spends over 300 hours trying to fix their credit and identity once their identity has been compromised. Why not have them do it for you so you can continue to live your life as normal.

  • That’s exactly my sentiment. If you get audited by the IRS, would you want to handle it yourself, or would you want an expert like a tax accountant dealing with it???? Yeah, I would choose the expert over myself all day. Same thing when it comes to your identity.

  • That is a huge perk that most identity theft protection companies don’t offer. I love how they offer that for their members. The emergency cash is vital when you are abroad. That is also a feature that no other company can replicate.

  • Mellisa, if you sign up through us, you receive 30 days for free and you get a discounted monthly rate as well. It doesn’t hurt and you can cancel at anytime. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how good the service is.

  • Yeah Jayson, it’s impossible to monitor yourself 100% of the time. Why would you even want to put yourself through that on a daily basis? It’s definitely worth the minor investment just so you don’t have to deal with it, if anything ever did happen to you.

  • Hi Jenny, the insurance is to pay for any experts or services that are needed to restore your identity or credit. Credit card companies will typically reimburse you for any fraud done to your account.

  • If you sign up through us, you get your first 30 days free and not the discounted rate that Identity Guard gives you. It’s a bummer that Identity Guard doesn’t have a family plan, but I spoke with them recently and they are working on a family plan. Hopefully will be rolling out sooner than later.

  • By signing up with us, you get your first 30 days free Marc. You can see if Identity Guard is the right service for you without having to pay for it. And if you decide to stick around, you get a discounted monthly rate as well. If you need any help with any other questions you may have, don’t hesitate to ask.

  • They both offer wonderful service. It all just depends on what you are looking for. If you have higher net worth assets, I would go with LifeLock because they will monitor investment accounts. If you travel a lot and like to have antivirus on your computer for free then go with Identity Guard. The one thing that makes me lean toward Identity Guard is that you receive quarterly or monthly credit reports depending on which membership you get. I love that feature.

  • You are welcome Maddie! We spent 100’s of hours researching the different companies so you won’t have to. I hope it helps you make the right choice for you and your family.

  • I agree with you Jesse. The customer service reps are awesome. I never have to wait too long to get someone on the line and they are always so nice and knowledgeable. Glad you are a happy member, as am I.

  • Hey Nick, good point. I would imagine that Identity Guard vets their employees pretty heavily since they deal with so many people’s information. I have never heard of employees stealing but anything is possible. As for the Zone Alarm. It’s a pretty good anti-virus. I have never had an intrusion and my computer works just fine. I would rather have a free anti-virus than no anti-virus.

  • I thought that too Ramona until I lost everything. You can never take anything for granted nowadays. The reason I started this site is because of bad I was affected. I don’t want to see anyone deal with the mess I had to deal with. Take my advice and get some protection. You will be happy with the decision. TRUST ME.

  • Exactly Keira, this service is exactly for that. There is all kinds of misconduct going on every day. By having identity theft protection, you protect yourself from serious damage. Having a trusted company monitoring you will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

  • Bronwyn

    I love how this plan starts off costing 5$ for the first month! It is a great way to begin getting the coverage you need without the overwhelming price commitment up front. The plan comparison chart was also a great reference to see what features you would be missing out on if you paid the bare minimum. Watching the video posted on the page was also super effective for me because this could definitely happen to anyone. Rated 9.5 overall total score is a reassuring reason to really consider this plan!

  • Hi Ghem, it definitely is a service for people with credit cards. But it is also for all types of people, especially for kids. Child identity theft is a major problem and it’s only getting worse. It’s the smart move to just be monitored so major damage cannot be done.

  • Thanks for checking out our site LilyJane. You can never be too safe anywhere in the world. I am glad you understand this and have decided to protect yourself. Thanks for sharing!

  • It’s a good idea to get protection before buying a house. You don’t want to take any chances with your credit before making any large purchase. You don’t want to see a mess with your credit profile right before buying a house and having to spend months trying to fix the damage that an identity thief had caused. By being protected, you can have that peace of mind not having to worry about any surprises.

  • Glad you found our site helpful enough for you to contemplate buying some protection. I would never want anyone to go through the ordeal of repairing their good name because they weren’t aware. Please make the initiative and buy some protection for you and your family.

  • That’s why I love Identity Guard. They are the only service that I know of that offers the $2,000 emergency cash. Especially if you are a world traveler. That is a HUGE benefit to have.

  • It is no joke Furkan. I am glad you are aware of this. People always think that it will never happen to them until it happens to them and then they complain. It could have all been avoided if they made the initiative to get some protection. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  • Hi Katy! Yes, do your due diligence before buying. I spent 100’s of ours researching the different companies so you don’t have to. Read through all the reviews and then based on the pros and cons choose which service will benefit you the most.

  • The Kidsure program won’t keep them from using their parents credit cards Sarah. It is to protect them from identity thieves from stealing their identity and opening fraudulent accounts in their name. The reason why kids are a big target is because they won’t know any fraud occurred until many years down the line when they apply for credit for the first time.

  • You said it Shalonda. In the near future, it will be like having auto protection. Everyone will eventually have to get it to stay safe. The newest stats show that there is a new victim of identity theft every 2 seconds. SO SCARY!

  • You have a point Piecorp. Everyone should do their homework and be aware of their credit profile. There are many ways to protect yourself like placing credit freezes and such. But it’s virtually impossible to constantly be monitoring your credit all the time (and why would you want to do that) when you can pay a nominal fee to have someone do it all for you. It comes down to how much your time is worth. For $10-30 a month, it’s definitely worth paying for.

  • Thanks Thomas. We spent a lot of time to make it user friendly and easy to understand. The kids protection is must in my opinion. You should want to keep your children’s credit profile squeaky clean by the time they hit adulthood.

  • Yes Jennifer, nobody wants to sit and make call after call after call trying to take care of all their credit and debit cards when they lose their wallet. You just make one phone call to Identity Guard and they will do all the annoying phone calls and paperwork on your behalf. I love this service.

  • Thanks for liking the review and finding it helpful. Our society is being less reliant on money and more reliant on electronic payments. Within the next 20 years or so, I believe cash will be gone from society and it will all become 1’s and 0’s in computer systems. That’s when we will need identity theft protection companies even more to keep us safe and monitored.

  • Glad you found the review helpful and it’s good to see you installed the software. Getting taken advantage of is horrible, especially when the thief is no where to be found. It gives you a filthy taste in your mouth. I know how you feel.

  • Justice Samantha

    Identity theft is a threat to our lives, protecting our identity is like protecting our lives, is not something we should consider,but something we must do. i had a friend who lost his school id but didn’t report it. some hood-rats broke into the school laboratory and destroyed lots of stuff, The id was found close to the crime scene and he was in trouble.
    All i’m trying to say is, this is an initiative aimed at curbing the menace of identity theft,

  • Identity Guard sounds like such a thorough and reasonably priced service for all of the perks you get out of it. I have quite a few credit cards and I’ve worked really hard to keep my credit score as high as possible, and it would be devastating if my identity was stolen and my credit score plummeted all because I wasn’t covered. I think the best aspect to this company’s plan over others is the incredible attention to the small things and the price. They truly monitor everything and I think it’s great that their lowest cost plan still offers the essentials. I think a lot of people don’t have identity theft coverage because they think it can be too expensive, and if something were to happen to them and they weren’t covered because too many companies priced them out, that’s a real shame. So it’s great to see a company who are so comprehensive and offers such reasonably priced plans.

  • Clark

    It seems like there’s not a huge difference between the Platinum plan and the Total Protection plan, except for an extra six bucks. What other benefits are there to justify one over the other?

  • Clark

    Really? I would’ve never considered that but it makes sense. Most of those kids are years away from being able to use it anyways so I guess a thief could almost destroy their online identity before they would even know. Some people are sick.

  • Unfortunately, this is true. The loudest voices are often the ones with the intent to complain. However, it’s a good opportunity for users to see how your company responds and handles customer complaints or issues.

    A good product is one thing. However, great customer service can make or break a business. Being a company that actively responds to clients and customers says a lot, and I’m impressed at the effort you guys are making to respond to everyone.

  • Ernie Burgher

    Going through identity theft review, my daughters and grand dad comes to mind. I wonder if there might be anything worse than the destruction of a child’s future or a senior’s peaceful life. What if my daughters are denied student loans to aid pay for college, or are unable to open a bank account and apply for a credit card. What if my grand dad’s medical care is jeopardized because of an identity thief’s medical
    history? Federal trade commission says identity theft incidents has reached 9.9 million a year, meaning 19 people fall victim every minute, making it the fastest growing crime in America. If this isn’t warning enough I don’t know what is.
    However I am absolutely delighted by the featured plans provided by identity guard, and the fact that they come with extra benefits. I find them all encompassing and the lost wallet protection is the icing for my grand dad. The cost of identity theft use to be the long time it takes to realize it, which always happens after multiple things have gone wrong. I am really glad that they are being taken care of by the multiple monitoring plans found in different packages. It is my hope that the amount of identity theft incidents reduce and
    prevention is always better than a cure.

  • Mike

    Very detailed review article and a lot of information, decent job. I tested 30 days free trial. After that, I decided to cooperate with Identity Guard. $9.99/month seemed a reasonable price. Lost wallet protection service has great value and I like it a lot (in my opinion 2000$ is enough for emergency situations). I’m very satisfied with it.

  • Leo

    Scams are happening more and more with the advancement of Information Technology. It’s our need to use computer in our day to day life and sometime have to fill up complex forms/applications or have to do online transactions. In today’s era we cannot live without this, it’s our requirement. But hackers get this information and can easily capitulate our personal or financial assets.
    Here comes No Identity Theft as a best solution of our problems. How easy it is! I have review the different plans and find total protection suitable for me and my family.

  • Jerome Walker

    In a way or another theft happens almost to everyone , it happend to me and i regret it that i didnt have identity guard back in the time , nowdays i use it and im happy with it, their services are perfect , 2000$ for emergency situations,and keyboard encryption is such an amazing thing considering in what era we live innow , that is more than necessary.

  • Alexa Cress

    This is actually quite frightening, especially because of the fact I travel so much. I haven’t put a lot of thought into what actually would happen if my identity was to get stolen but I think more precaution needs to be taken. I feel like I’m living by the whole “it will never happen to me” motto which is not the way to look at things so thank you for bringing this to my attention. I love the comparison chart as well; a must for first time buyers like myself who have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

  • Jackie

    Yes, I’ve heard and read about the importance of even monitoring kids due to situations like you’ve just described. For a small price, you get to protect your children’s lives.

  • Ameen Grg

    One of the most promising thing about Identity guard is its plan to cover children at the risk of ID theft. I don’t have any idea why kids are allowed to have credit at the first place. They are highly prone to such attacks.

    The monthly charge of $8.99 is reasonable whereas the identity theft insurance is misleading. You have to understand that it only covers insurance upto the point you restore your identity. It has nothing to do with the loss of your personal assets due to fraudulent attacks. Reminds me more of FDIC Insurance.

  • Kelly Sheldrick

    Oh no, your business partner – that’s terrible! You really have to be careful who you trust, especially in this say and age. Unfortunately, I hear these kinds of stories all the time. This is definitely a good reason why you should have identify theft protection, and based on your in-depth review, Identity Guard definitely sounds like a good option

  • Jackie

    I really like the added bonus of getting quarterly reports from all three credit bureaus. The total protection plan has the best value for most consumers. After reading these reviews, I would consider getting the Total Protection plan as it fits my budget the most without skimping on the necessities. Thanks again for the thorough review!

  • I have scrolled through the comments and see so many people with credit cards being worried. I must say, I have elderly family who do not use/have credit cards, but they are as at risk as anyone else. In the technological age we live in, no one is immune to scam attempts. Hackers and telemarketers spend their days making the lives of others miserable, which is time they could better spend doing good instead. It is because of those looking for an easy target that we have had to resort to being afraid to shop online or use our debit cards/identification in public. It is good there is a service available that protects us by monitoring usage. As someone commented before, there is no way each of us could keep track of our own activity; simply because we would never get anything else done. It is time consuming and the layman simply does not have the resources.

  • Yeah Kelly, my own friend and business partner. He impersonated me and did over 50 fraudulent transactions in my name. He fled the country and stuck me with all the headache. I learned the lesson of trusting people the hard way. That’s why I created this site so people don’t end up with the nightmare that I experienced.

  • It’s so important to have your children monitored. They are easy targets for identity thieves. You said it perfectly, for a nominal monthly fee, you protect their future.

  • You would be surprised of how many people are crazy and don’t care about ruining peoples’ lives. The internet has been around for roughly 20 years so this is still relatively new to how long humanity has been around. It’s something people need to wrap their heads around.

  • Thanks Elizabeth! We do what we can to accommodate as many people as we can and spread awareness to this growing problem. And you have a great point about how a company deals with customer service. Look at Nordstrom, they were built on customer service and that’s why they have customers for life. I wish all companies delivered to their level of customer service.

  • Well said Diane! Even if you don’t use credit cards, you are still a target because you have a social security number. The elderly are the 2nd fastest growing segment that is targeted (behind minors) because they aren’t technologically savvy and don’t really understand the internet very well. It’s important that the younger generation teach them the importance of their identity and credit profile.

  • Thanks Jackie! I really like Identity Guard for that very reason. Getting quarterly or monthly credit reports let you stay on top of your credit profile. By constantly keeping up with it, you won’t allow an identity thief to do continuous damage over a long period of time without your knowledge. You should definitely sign up for it. You will thank yourself.

  • Hey Ameen, I don’t agree with children getting credit cards until they are an adult. Children along with college students have no idea about money management. I truly believe it should be taught in all schools and higher education. There is such a problem with debt in this country because people don’t have the knowledge or knowhow of how to spend money and manage credit.
    And yes, you are right, the insurance is not cover your losses, it’s for hiring experts to repair the damage that is done to your credit and identity to restore it back to normal. It can be quite expensive and time consuming to do it on your own.

  • Hi Alexa, since you travel a lot I would definitely recommend you get purchase Identity Guard. If you are out of town and you lose your wallet, lost wallet protection is amazing – no other company offers emergency cash right away. They can send you up to $2‚000 in emergency cash from one of your accounts wherever you are. It’s an awesome service!

  • The extras that come with the service are second to none Jerome. I am glad you see how valuable the service is and that you signed up. One way or another, everyone will end up being a victim of identity theft, it will just depend on when. Might as well protect yourself and be prepared.

  • So glad you found our review helpful Leo. It’s truly scary to see how so many scams are happening online and the trend will only get worse unfortunately. Everything we do in the future will rely on computers. You made the right choice by getting protected from Identity Guard.

  • Very happy you decided to sign up Mike. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Lost wallet protection is such a great perk to have. Keep me posted with how everything goes!

  • I am so glad that you get it Ernie. There is a new victim every 2 seconds in the US. It’s not a question of if it will happen, but when it will happen. It’s always better to be preventative than having to deal with emergencies and not be prepared.

  • Hey Clark, The only difference between the two plans is that you get monthly credit scores and credit reports (Platinum) instead of quarterly (Total Protection). It allows you to be on top of your credit situation at all times. Hope that helped.

  • Phoebe Abilene

    Identity theft is terrifying to me. You don’t think it will ever happen to you, but it happened to some friends of my family’s. I have been searching for identity theft coverage for some time, after my parents recommended I look into it after they shared with me the experiences that our friends had with identity theft. It can be devastating. I appreciate the review, because it has cemented my decision to go with Identity Guard Essentials. I really wanted to find identity theft insurance that was comprehensive and affordable. Thanks for the very informative details about Identity Guard!

  • Mark Glenn

    When I met my wife, she had gotten out of a very bad relationship with her ex. After we got serious and moved in together, she warned me to get identity theft protection…I’ve never needed it before, but she told me of some very questionable stuff her ex did, so I got it. And good thing we both signed up for protection with Identity Guard. Somehow this moron got my info, but thank God for this company who take their job very seriously. And we definitely have our daughter covered, as to how low-down some people can get. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but even to get a basic coverage to start with is HIGHLY recommended. Not only do strangers take your id, but there are just some shady people who are within your circle that can do it also. Trust no one. And we feel so much better taking care of our daughter also, even before she even knows what credit is. It’s an expense that will definitely pay off.

  • Lynn V.

    I’ve had credit card theft twice in one year. Thankfully I caught them within a day of it happening and reported it to my credit cards. I was lucky then but I spent everyday checking all my accounts for theft. I am now using this company and don’t have to waste my time constantly checking my accounts. I feel more secure and have an ease of mind knowing I have people to help me out of this happens again!

  • Hi Hannah, I love how they have different price tiers so anyone can afford their services. When signing up through us, it’s only $8.99 per month for the Essentials membership, that’s 2 trips to Starbucks.

  • So true Justice. There are multiple ways people can use identity theft to damage someone. That’s the first time I have heard someone stealing a school ID and causing havoc. It just goes to show that any age can be affected.

  • Hey Bronwyn, when signing up through us, it’s free for the first 30 days. Pretty awesome huh? We personally feel that Identity Guard has the best overall protection and amenities when becoming a member.

  • I am sorry it happened to you twice in one year. That is crazy. So glad you made the decision to have yourself protected Lynn. The peace of mind alone is worth the price.

  • You would be surprised how many family members will deceive their on kin. There are multiple cases of parents taking advantage of their children’s credit for their selfish greed. It’s really sad to see. Very glad to hear you are protecting your family.

  • You are very welcome Phoebe. I am so glad the review helped you make the plunge and make the decision. That’s the whole reason why I started this site, is to help people like you that needed a little more information to make a conscious decision.

  • Adam Baker

    I struggle with the internet at the best of times and fraud is something you can’t always predict can happen, even at random you can be attacked.. I found this out the hard way and thankfully recovered with a little more knowledge after my last experience.. and with the help from their experts who was able to help within minutes.
    Even though i’m on the first month Trial for Total Protection, I’ve enjoyed the core benefits such as a little bit more protection for my PC and active monitoring for almost every aspect I can think of.. so my identity stays completely protected. Anyone else had a similar experience they wish to share?

  • Hi Adam, there is never a 100% guarantee that your identity will be protected. The major benefit of having Identity Guard is that you are constantly monitored and alerted if something seems fishy with your credit profile. That way you can minimize damage if you ever do become a victim. Also, if your identity is breached, Identity Guard will do all the heavy lifting of getting your identity back to where it was. It’s all about peace of mind and saving time.

  • kathleen wallace

    I really think that this is a great program. I am sorry about what happened to your credit score and am glad that you are providing a way for others to protect themselves. I like the peace of mind in knowing that if I lose my wallet that you will wire me money. It’s enough stress worrying about the lost cards etc in addition to having to worry about not having the money needed for every day bills and expenses whiel you are waiting for your new cards etc. Will be signing up for sure!

  • Ross Quintana

    As we move into more of a digital world more and more of your information is out there, let alone the hackers and phishing schemes online you have to protect yourself. I’m surprised more people aren’t doing this for themselves or their family. They think it may not happen to them or that they don’t have anything people would care about, but often the cost of identity theft and repair can be more than people think.

  • Saffron

    My mother’s credit card information was stolen a couple months ago, ant the thief got away with spending over three hundred dollars before she caught it. The purchases were only twenty dollars here, ninety dollars there, nothing big, but the things purchased were really strange. She and my father had to go through every single transaction, dating back to four months ago, and then call the credit card company to sort it all out. It was such a hassle, and they had to handle it alone. And still, she might not get that money back.

    We never thought identity theft would happen to us, but looking back, I realize it’s better to be safe than sorry! And the cheapest plan is also more affordable than what a lot of people pay for monthly subscriptions to various entertainment mediums, like Spotify and Netflix. This is definitely a program that I will be looking into!

  • Carrie Monroe

    A lot of people don’t think about protecting their children’s identity. I’m glad this page talks about that. My information was stolen when I was in high school and it made it really hard to get things like a credit card, rent an apartment and other things as I became an adult. It is super confusing and difficult to start off adult life with a mark against your credit because someone has stolen your identity. Although it is horrible that people would steal a child’s identity, it happens and being protected is so important.

  • Sorry to hear that you were a victim as a minor Carrie. It must have been so annoying having to deal with the headache of clearing up damage that had been done years prior to your knowing. It’s more crucial than ever to have children monitored since they are such easy targets for identity thieves.

  • Hi Saffron, one of the biggest reasons for having an identity theft protection company is for the peace of mind knowing you don’t have to hassle with all the phone calls and paperwork. It’s a daunting experience that wastes your precious time. I like the idea of making one phone and letting the company handle everything else. I really hope you consider getting Identity Guard for you and your family.

  • So true Ross. This problem will only get worse since we rely more and more on the internet for our daily activities and purchases. Our information is stored all over the place so it’s impossible to monitor everything on our own. So nice to know that these companies do it all for you for a small fee.

  • Hi Kathleen, I travel a lot and I love the feature of getting up to $2,000 wired to me from Western Union from one of my own accounts. It’s a nice security blanket to have if anything unfortunate does happen. So glad you found the review helpful and that you are signing up!

  • Lisa Pam

    A colleague identity was recently stolen. It was a nightmare for him… I did a bit of research about identity protection products as well as credit monitoring/reporting. Identity Guard was, generally, at the top of the pack. So I tried it, and then decided to purchase the Total Protection package. Every time there is an activity on my credit report, I am notified. I monitor my credit score any time I wish. I am very satisfied with Identity Guard and recommend it highly to others.

  • shanehubbard

    After my uncle got his identity stolen, I decided to look into protection for him and myself (I live with him). I’m pretty young, 28, so I have no idea if I am just as much a target as anyone else, but after having the first-hand experience of seeing my uncle go through with it, I see the value in having protection. The scariest part is that at any moment I can lose it all. I’m only 3 years out of college and still paying off my loans. I can’t have anything go wrong with my credit, let alone my identity. I think we are going to get the middle of the road plan. The only difference between that and the high-cost plan is a quarterly credit report instead of a monthly, which my uncle doesn’t care about. And I already know my credit is poor due to having a student loan. I’m glad I found these guys.

  • Thanks for your feedback Lisa. I think you made a good decision getting Identity Guard. It’s a good company to have watching your back. The perks of membership are second to none and that’s why we chose it as our top pick amongst the top companies in the niche.

  • I am glad you made the smart choice of getting protection for yourself as well as your uncle. You are just as much of a target as any other person out there. The statistics are staggering with 1 in 4 people becoming a victim of identity theft. Millions of people and billions are stolen every year and it won’t get better any time soon. Better to always be safe than sorry.

  • I love that Life Lock offers a 30 day free trial, that’s a win for someone like me who lives on a tight budget. Allowing me to partake in a free trial period with LifeLock is perfect as it will let me see just how beneficial LifeLock can be for my life. As someone who is working on building her credit score, the credit monitoring really stands out to me as a must need service so that I can ensure my credit doesn’t get tampered with while I work towards my goal of a higher credit score.

  • Anas

    Identity guard is a identity and protection company that protect your data like Social Security Number Monitoring, Credit Report Updates, Credit Scores, 3-Bureau Credit Analzyer Access via Mobile App Public Record Monitoring ,PC Keyboard Encryption Software, PC Antivirus Software.
    So it is highly recommended to you for online data protection and there are lot of packages.
    I like this because they have very cheap plans.

  • Anika Cabanez

    I am really crazy about protecting my information to avoid identity theft I’ve tried installing other stuff like this but it did not work but then I signed up identity Guard and I like the service so far and it is only $16.99, Also I introduced it to my relatives for them to protect their cards from thieves. Thank you!

  • Joy Dalayao

    My husband and I are working hard and saving money for our future kids and we found Identity Guard and it only cost $16.99 per month and we tried it and we are loving the service so far. Thank you for this and also we’re planning on signing up for platinum plan.

  • John Lawson

    With all the cyber crimes and identity thefts being committed, it’s a scary world out there. It is excellent that as an identity guard member you have access to highly trained experts who are committed to making a stressful situation and recovery as easy as it can be. Moreover Total Protection and Platinum service also provide anti-virus software and keyboard encryptor. I think becoming a member of this will give me a good night’s sleep.

  • Kamila

    Identity Guard seems like a decent data protection plan. I like the fact that they offer many extras, especially credit scores. We’ve just moved to a new house, so it would be good to know how much money we can borrow to furnish it, before we apply for a loan. I think the total protection plan with quarterly credit score updates would be just enough for us.

  • Kamila

    After reading your review I’m starting to realize that protecting my children’s data is even more important than protecting my own. How do identity thieves get hold of kids’ data? Through social media? Now instead of looking for a data protection plan for myself only, I’ll have to take a closer look at the plans offering child monitoring.

  • Kamila

    Yes, but would I have to pay thousands if my identity gets stolen and I’m able to prove it? Wouldn’t my bank have to return my stolen money to my account? Wouldn’t the identity thief have to pay me damages?

  • Kamila

    That seems terrible. I bet you weren’t able to get any loans as a result? How did you manage to recover your credit score? What did it take to solve the whole situation? I never thought about getting a data protection plan, but now I’m starting to consider it.

  • Kamila

    Thanks for this review. I was wondering how and when do you realize you had your identity stolen? Does it happen within a few days, months, years? How does one actually find out? I understand data protection plans like Identity Guard alert you as soon as it happens?

  • Hi Kamila, and congrats on the new home! Receiving quarterly credit reports is an awesome perk to have, especially since you want to know exactly how much you owe with your creditors. This will allow you to gauge how much you can apply for. That’s great!

  • That’s the whole point of signing up for this service John. It’s the ability to have peace of mind knowing someone is looking out for you. You see identity theft all over the place nowadays, so it only makes sense to get yourself protected.

  • I am glad you signed up Joy. You made a good move having you and your husband getting protected. You want to make sure you keep your hard earned credit secure from the bad guys. When you have your child, make sure to get that little one protected as well. Child identity theft is becoming rampant the past couple years.

  • Thanks for signing up Anika. I am crazy about protecting my info as well. Make sure you tell them to sign up through us, your relatives will get their first month free and a monthly discount if they enroll through our site.

  • Hi Brandy, and I agree with you that it’s nice that they offer a 30 day trial (when you sign up through us) so you can see what the service is like. I also like that they have 3 different priced plans for any type of budget. As your income and assets grow, you can always upgrade to a more comprehensive membership.

  • Seems like the basic plan is a really good deal. Not sure if I would need to upgrade for the two extra annual credit reports, but I can see how that might be useful for some. Thank you for laying all of the details out in such an easy to read fashion. Comparison shopping would have been a pain otherwise.

  • Mohit

    In all honesty, I went for the 30 days free trial using your coupon then decided to go for the total protection package. Suffice to say it provides comprehensive service, easy to access and understand. Customer Service Reps via phone are excellent, recognized,Very professional and efficient. Credit scores monitoring,recovery assistance in case of attack plus the child safety feature is what i was looking for.

  • Shawn Kallis

    I assume Identity Guard is offering a solid firewall against Identity fraud or any attempt hereof. Like with any insurance company, when help is needed or disaster strikes, only then one can rate the service. But as said, so far all communication and information is well presented and easily accessible.
    One thing I don’t like is charging more to receive credit scores and reports more frequently. I believe for the money I pay that shouldn’t be too much asked.

  • No, I wasn’t able to get any loans for a few years until I built my credit little by little. I started by getting a secured credit card and after a year it became unsecured. Then I applied for a few more credit cards and built my way back. I wish I had a company like Identity Guard when I was dealing with all the drama. That $1 million dollar guarantee could have helped me greatly with getting my identity back on track. You should definitely get some protection Kamila. Take it from me…..

  • Identity Thieves can get your children’s data from multiple sources. Your doctor’s office. Your child’s bank account. Family members including parents have been known to steal their identities as well. An example of an identity thief creating a fake tax return is as follows: Since there’s no file for a child’s social security number, an identity thief can add any name and birthdate with their social security number. They file and receive the return. It will literally take years for the IRS to catch wind (if they even find out) and notify that there is fraudulent activity associated with that social security number. That’s just one scenario of what can happen Kamila. It can get scary.

  • Hi Shawn. I would hope that anyone that is monitoring my personal accounts would have the state of the art firewall system to keep hackers out. I have never heard of any breach with Identity Guard so I think they are pretty safe. As for the extra $5 charge for monthly credit scores and reports. I think it’s a pretty good deal actually. If you want to get monthly credit report and scores from vendors, they can charge nearly $30 a month. Identity Guard offers a pretty good deal actually.

  • I am so glad that you found everything to be helpful Mohit. It doesn’t hurt to try the 30 day free trial, and if you decide to continue, you get a discount every month by signing up through our site. Identity Guard is a wonderful service that has helped millions of people keep their identity safe.

  • It’s actually 4 reports (one every quarter) not 2. It helps you keep an eye on your credit so you don’t get surprised if you run your credit for anything. I am glad we could help you comparison shop. We did this so customers like you wouldn’t have to spend hours going from site to site looking for a protection plan that suits their needs.

  • The purpose of having companies like Identity Guard monitor your credit profile is that you will become notified immediately if any suspicious activity occurs. You get notified by either text message, phone call, or email. It’s a wonderful service that these companies offer.

  • Melissa Andre

    I have been looking for a platform in which I have up-to-date protection of my financial information. Most especially my online transactions, I do a lot of online transactions from commercial websites and I so much needed protection of my credit cards details. I came across Identity Guard and I’m highly impressed about their services so far, especially the plans they offer. I started with Essential plan which is $8.99 per month at first, being satisfied with their services, I went ahead to subscribe for Total Protection, then Platinum which do yearly currently, which does Credit monitoring and report. I like the fact that I receive alert for every transaction, documentation, Car insurance I make, it makes me feel my details are safe from hackers. The reason why I opt for Identity Protection was that my credit was being hacked by fraudsters and I lost a lot of money, it was a very difficult situation for me then and that’s when I came across Identity Guard, actually a friend introduced this company to me and ever since my online transactions I use SafeConnex protection software, which is free, it’s one of the services offered by Identity Guard which is great and speaks highly of this company. I just wish Identity Guard would have a package plan for family as a whole, though I do kID (Identity Kid Sure) secure program for my kids which adds up to my service plan to protect my kids information’s from stalkers and to take preventive measures too. Identity Guard is the real deal when it comes to ideal identity protection 

  • vivian

    I was introduced to identity guard by my friends when I started seeing traces of my information being used online.This privacy invasion caused me to opt in for the identity guard, I started with the free 30days trial and after I decided it was worth it I upgraded to another plan. When I wanted to upgrade to premium plan,I was having trouble selecting which plan to opt in for and I decided to try each out one after the other until I get the suitable one for my needs. Here is what I found out about the plans.
    Identity Guard Essentials plan @$9.99 per month
    Essentials plan services include, SSN Monitoring,Online “Black Market” Monitoring,ID Verification Alerts,Account Takeover Alerts,ID Theft Victim Assistance,Lost Wallet Protection,$1 Million ID Theft Insurance,ID Vault Password Protection.
    Identity Guard Total Protection plan @$19.99 per month
    The Total Protection services include everything in Essentials plus Address Change Monitoring,Daily,3-Bureau Credit Monitoring,3-Bureau Credit Reports (Quarterly),3-Bureau Credit Scores (Quarterly),3-Bureau Credit Analyzer, Account Access via Mobile app, Public Record Monitoring,PC Keyboard Encryption Software,PC Antivirus Software.
    Identity Guard Gold plan @$17.99 per month
    Gold plan services include SSN Monitoring,Online “Black Market” Monitoring,ID Verification Alerts,Account Takeover Alerts,ID Theft Victim Assistance,Lost Wallet Protection,$1 Million ID Theft Insurance,Address Change Monitoring,Daily 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring,Credit Report for Experian (Monthly),Credit Score for Experian (Monthly),1-Bureau Credit Analyzer,Account Access via Mobile app,PC Keyboard Encryption Software.
    Identity Guard Platinum plan @$24.99 per month
    Platinum plan services include, SSN Monitoring,Online “Black Market” Monitoring,ID Verification Alerts,Account Takeover Alerts,ID Theft Victim Assistance,Lost Wallet Protection,$1 Million ID Theft Insurance,ID Vault Password Protection,Address Change Monitoring,Daily 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring,
    3-Bureau Credit Reports (Monthly),3-Bureau Credit Scores* (Monthly),3-Bureau Credit Analyzer,Account Access via Mobile app,Public Record Monitoring,PC Keyboard Encryption Software,PC Antivirus Software.
    I also went to the extent of creating the Identity Guard plan for Kids for my kid @$9.99 per month
    The child plan services include,Child’s ID Footprint Report w/ Analysis,Public Records Monitoring,
    SSN Monitoring,Registered Bank Accounts Monitoring,Prompt Monitoring Alerts,Personal Recovery Assistance and Unlimited Toll-Free Customer Service.
    Ever since I started using identity guard I don’t have to worry about my credit cards, insurance, losing my wallet, and antivirus and also the identity of my child.
    I will forever be grateful to identity guard and I believe they are the best when it comes to identity protection. I will always recommend this company.

  • John

    I can boldly say than when is comes to protecting or securing your data, Identity Guard is the answer and their pricing plans are affordable. As an Internet marketer, I prefer to go with the platinum plan which goes for $24 per month, this is nothing compared to the service I am getting. You could go for cheaper plans depending on what you need, don’t wait till your identity is stolen as you will realize that the fee they charge is little. One of the features they offer that I love is the keyboard encryption feature which helps to protect my passwords. It also monitors public databases for unauthorized use of your information and sends you alerts once it notices suspicious activities.

  • Zeeshan abdul wakeel

    Am so happy they have very reasonable and pocket friendly plans I can afford very easily . Now i feel really secure for me and for my family as well. So many people use their card to shop on different places and later other persons use their cards for shopping. I will suggest everyone to take this identity theft plan because its superb and very reliable am Super Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Thanks so much for finishing my all fears

  • Adeks Corede

    If you’ve ever been a victim of identity theft like I’ve been, then you’ll know why it’s very important to secure your identity. The consequence is grave compared to the little amount you can pay to secure your identity with Identity Guard. The platinum plan is simply amazing,apart from the protection, I get my credit score updates monthly with a well-detailed analysis of the score.

  • Filip Miljkovic

    I was really amazed by the story whom my friend had told me about the Identity Guard and how it had helped him with protecting his identity online, especially credit card information. He knew that I have had an issue with the credit card identification theft which had resulted in loss of over $3 000. I knew that my bank couldn’t help me with such problem, so I ordered Identity Guard and enjoyed a whole first month FREE! I didn’t want to have the offer expired, so I ordered it to give it a go and see whether the whole story was worth it. During that month, Identity Guard has thoroughly protected my credit cards and has presented me my stance completely accurately, without a cent of error. I received once a message from Identity Guard about the illegal activity, but when I checked out my stance, nothing missed. From that point on, I realized that it would be much better to stick with the Identity Guard, so I ordered a Platinum membership for extra protection. It’s absolutely astonishing that the whole monthly membership costs below a dollar per month. This is my second month of use and I am completely satisfied as my credit card is protected and monitored. I have even recommended Identity Guard to my other friends and they have experienced the same results. I would recommend this program to anyone who wishes to protect the identification of credit cards. I will surely order some more products from No Identity Theft as I have gained complete trust towards their product!

  • Cesar R.

    When it came to looking for help when my identity was stolen, I DID NOT WANT TO TRUST ANYONE! I was scared that even more bad things would happen to my credit and was very nervous when I actually decided to give Identity Theft a try. I read everything on their website and read so many great reviews that I decided to give it a try. I was completely satisfied ever since the beginning, they make you feel that you matter and help protect you and start fix everything for you. I was very HAPPY that they give you a free 30 day trial and if you lose your wallet you are offered up to $2k emergency money! EMERGENCY MONEY is great in case you ever need it! This service is so affordable with prices starting at $8.99 per month, I mean, a salad can be more that this sometimes. They also have a $22/month plan which is really great with lots of protections. I can truly say I am happy, protected and would definitely recommend it to EVERYONE! Do it now, dont wait! Protecting the consumer is their top priority!

  • Courtney Clark

    To be honest I was never someone who worried too much about identity theft. As a young adult I didn’t have much, so I didn’t worry about people stealing anything. The only thing I had was an emergency credit card my parents gave me for school. I didn’t realize Identity theft could be a problem for me, until I lost my wallet with my credit card and ID in it. The following week someone was arrested and used my identity as they were booked. They also used my credit card to post bail. Needless to say, I had a lot of things to clear up once I found out. It was a nightmare!!! I decided to get Identity Guard so that I would never have to go through something like this again. I was thankful for the affordable payment plan I was on, and the 30 days trail they gave me to make sure this was right for me. The customer service rep I talked to was very helpful and actually listened to me, didn’t send me to an automated system, or try to sale me on something I didn’t want. Identity Guard is honestly my new peace of mind.

  • Shirley Ju

    Honestly, from someone who doesn’t usually provide feedback on products or businesses, I wanted to take time out of my day to praise this company. I had my identity stolen and I thought my world was going to end. In the midst of making my rent and paying my bills, I really had no idea what the solution was. A friend suggested Identity Guard and I immediately signed up. I chose the Total Protection (middle) plan because I knew for $20 a month, it was well worth it. Especially coming from someone who has fallen victim, I wanted the best deal for an affordable price. I had terrible credit coming into this year and the customer service reps have been incredibly helpful. It really felt like they cared and attended to my needs. I definitely recommend this company with 5 stars.

  • Mary Lou

    Here is what I learned so far about credit cards and that is, it doesn’t matter how careful or cautious you are in using it, someone out there would do their best to steal your identity and use it for their own sick scheme. I never thought I’d be a victim and I even thought that identity theft only happens to those who are not responsible enough in handling their cards. I thought wrong. You will never know when it will happen to you and when it does, all you could do is cry and be depressed about it. Trust me, it happened to me and boy did I learn my lesson the hard way! I was relieved though when a friend of mine told me about Identity Guard. This product has helped me see all the detailed information about me and my accounts and my credit card information that can be found online. I also was able to check my credit scores through its credit information page. And since I was still a newbie about my credit scores, I was able to learn more about it through their Analyzer. Indie Guard has changed my life and it made me more organized and secure. I freakin love this product!

  • Nicole Barton

    As someone who has almost had their identity stolen and their credit cards used, I love having Identity Guard. They alerted me as soon as my credit cards showed supicious activity and they were able to help me put a stop to the credit cards before any other charges could be made. This saved me a lot of time, money and hassle that I would have had to deal with had it not been for Identity Guard. Their customer service is great as well, they answered all my questions and went out of their way to reassure me that everything had been taken care and that they would continue monitoring my credit cards and other important financial information. They really made me feel safe and secure and I will keep doing business with them for many years into the future. I also love how they monitor your credit report to make sure everything is as it should be. You can never be too careful these days but I know with Identity Guard that I never have to worry because they are always there to help.

  • Honestly, I don’t really like doing this, but I just feel I have to give honor to whom it’s due. My identity was compromise few month ago, so I told a friend of mine about the issue. He told me about identity theft protection, which he’s using and advise me to try Identity Guard. I felt reluctant at first, because “credibility” is a high price on the market especially nowadays. However, I later decided to try it (just to fulfill all righteousness), and what really fascinate me was the amazing and different plans that fits into my budget that identity guard offers, the customer service people were helpful and patient with me all along. Starting with a 30 days free trial I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing and until date I haven’t regret using Identity Guard. In addition, I really love the Identity Guard’s lost wallet protection because even if I lost my wallet, I can get up to $2,000 as compensation. All thanks to you guys for the wonderful services you provide for people like me who can be vulnerable to identity theft at times… Thank you.

  • Evan

    I started with IDG about 6-8 years ago while owning my own business and using personal info to obtain commercial loans. I was also using my credit card to purchase raw materials and the card would get poached about once every 1.5 years. (BTW Citbank was great) Initially the log in was kinda cumbersome. I sold my biz and let IDG expire. A few years later I wached a show on ID theft and thought an ounce of prevention would be reasonable. The log on appeared more user friendly and they were able to pick up where I left off. Thus far totally happy with them. Also suggest folks use their passbook on their iPhones. This submits a charge to your card the second it is run. Great way to keep an eye on stuff

  • Aya

    I honestly didn’t think I would be one of those people who would get their identity stolen. It’s horrible and I felt my world was ending. It all started when my credit score was horrible and I was looking to check it online. I had entered all my personal information on a website to verify my credit score and my personal information and identity was stolen. The website seemed legitimate but it’s obviously wasn’t. Strange activity has been going on under my name and my social security number for actions that I didn’t even take. That’s when I knew my identit was stolen and being played around with. Identity guard truly eased the pain I was going through due to identity theft. I was going through a lot of worries because of it and identity theft really helped me get back on track and effectively dispute the actions that were being done under my name and without my consent. Identity guard provided me with excellent customer service and assistance. The free 30 day trial was really helpful and the three memberships they have to offer really cater to what each individual really needs with their specific identity theft situation, including me. I truly have felt lucky to have came across identity guard and their helpful staff that really had patience with me and reassured me that my situation would be resolved. They get a huge 10 from me being able to help me fairly quickly and with the utmost care and patience I could ever ask for. Identity theft isn’t a joke. It can happen to anyone and I became a victim of it. Be very careful with everything you do, your personal information, and don’t trust anyone with it. If in the event you get your identity stolen, I highly recommend that you get in contact with identity guard. They know how to make you feel like a real person and not just a number. Identity guard knows how to help you solve your identity theft problems, assist you with anything you need, answer all your questions, and truly put you at ease while being so patient.

  • Identity Guard has definitely made upgrades to their site over the years. You are totally right Evan. It’s so important to keep your identity and credit kept safe especially since you applied for so many loans for your business. Just imagine the horrific surprise you would have gotten if you weren’t monitored and your identity was compromised with an extra $10k in debt on your credit card. That could be a disaster for not only you but for your company as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Craig, I love the lost wallet protection that Identity Guard provides. I travel a ton and I would be terrified to be in another country with no ability to get money. But with Identity Guard, you can get money wired to you from your own bank account. That is so worth the monthly service! In my eyes, it’s a no brainer to get protected.

  • Yes Nicole, I love how Identity Guard monitors all 3 credit bureaus. A lot of identity theft protection companies only monitor 1 of the 3, and not all. To be a credible agency, I believe these companies should have to monitor all 3. All kinds of damage can be done to people’s credit by not being monitored by all 3 bureaus. I am so glad Identity Guard alerted you and stopped any suspicious activity that was taking place. Aren’t you glad you were a member?

  • Seemi

    Identity theft is a huge issue so when I checked out identity guard to see what they offered to protect my personal information, I was blown away at the numerous options. Identity guard not only monitors your credit, they also offer identity and public record monitoring. Their customer service is top notch and the prompt alerts that they offer help to ensure you stay on top of your personal information. I would highly recommend identity guard to anyone that’s interested in keeping their credit and personal information safe. With numerous options for credit protection and customer service that goes above and beyond, identity guard is the only way I protect myself and my personal information.
    Last year while traveling to NY I lost my purse somewhere on the airport. My IDs, Credit card everything was in that. That was the first time I was about to practically test there service. I called Identity Guard and told them about my IDs loss. They were prompt to response. The female on the phone verified my information I provided on the time of subscription and they secured all the IDs through there system.
    That day I felt lucky for choosing identity guard as they surely saved my day and saved me from any problem I might have got into if I wasn’t subscribed to their plan.

  • Tia Olivia Brown Scott

    I experienced a serious case of identity fraud last year which left my credit report in shambles. I wasn’t aware of it until I started receiving bills in my name for things I never purchased or signed up for. After checking my credit report at my credit union, I knew I had a long road of credit repair ahead of me. I found out about Identity Guard after researching credit protection services. They seemed to have all that I needed, from credit monitoring to instant alerts. I did my research on them and read some pretty good reviews so I decided to sign up for the Identity Guard Platinum membership. Since signing up, I was fully informed by email when there was any kind of changes in my credit report and I felt much safer paying for things online since the membership package also includes anti-virus software that blocks viruses and keeps your personal info safe. I love the fact that they offer a 30-day free trial on each of the packages. I made sure to utilize all of the services within the membership I chose to ensure that I really liked it before paying for it. I’ve had my plan for almost a year now and I still love it. I downloaded the mobile app to stay informed about my credit while on the go and it’s a definite life saver. Choosing this company was one of the smartest things I could have done to protect my credit.

  • Coffeepilot

    When I received a call from my bank about suspicious activity, on my account, I didn’t know what to do. I travel a lot for work, and I NEED my cards. I read about Identity Guard online, and decided to give it a try. I feel that if you want to do one thing to protect yourself, you should look into this. I was more than pleased with their service and I can relax.

  • I travel a lot as well and Identity Guard’s lost wallet protection is one of my favorite parts of membership. Just knowing I can access up to $2,000 of my own money anywhere that sends/receives wire transfers is a blessing. It gives that additional peace of mind knowing you are covered in an emergency situation.

  • So pleased to hear that you are so pleased with Identity Guard’s membership. The platinum membership allows you to be up to date by seeing your credit score and report every month. I like that it gives you scores and reports from all 3 bureaus, most identity theft protection companies don’t give you all 3 bureaus. That’s another reason that Identity Guard sets them apart from the competition.

  • The customer service team at Identity Guard is very nice and helpful. I have had only good experiences with them on the phone. They are always so cordial and want to take of their customers. The only thing that I don’t like is that they aren’t available 24/7. But other than that, they are beyond awesome.

  • It’s unfortunate that we all think that way. We think, “oh, I see it on tv all the time, but identity theft will never happen to me.” Then one day you notice on your credit card statement that you supposedly bought $2,000 worth of shoes from Bloomingdales. That’s when you come to realization that it can happen to you too. It’s crazy to know that 16 million different people were affected by identity theft last year. There’s a good chance that either yourself or someone you know has experienced it. That’s why I think everyone should get some sort of identity theft protection company to keep an eye on them.

  • It sucks to become a victim of identity theft. It takes so much time and effort to get everything back to where it was before the intrusion. Not only that, but the frustration of having someone taking advantage of you makes you feel violated. Having a company like Identity Guard is wonderful because they will take care of all the phone calls and tedious work to restore your identity. It allows you to move on with your life and not have to waste your time dealing with such a stressful situation.

  • When we are young, we really don’t care about much in general. lol. But when you become a “grown up” you start realizing that, maybe, it would be a good idea to get some protection. Kind of like buying life insurance. It’s always when you don’t need it that something bad happens. But when you are prepared, you are that much happier that you made the initiative and protected yourself.

  • I agree with you Cesar, I have learned through personal experience not to trust anyone. It’s sometimes the people closest to you that take advantage of you. My own business partner took advantage of me and he took everything. Always keep your guard up when it comes to your finances or identity. You can never rule anyone out.

  • It’s pretty awesome that by signing up through us, Identity Guard has made it possible for 30 days free service. It allows people to check it out for themselves and make the decision that identity theft protection is a service needed in this day and time. Banks won’t help you resolve any case, they will only refund you your money. Identity Guard will get on it and hire whoever is needed to fix all that has been ruined by the thief.

  • Shahzaib Hassan

    I am Owner of Shspot, as we are offering to create different websites for business but after checking No Identity Theft is one of best. Feel Secure more then before. I would recommend

  • Zafar Mujahid

    A good idea and precious deals by the Identity Guard. The package plans for membership given by Identity Guard are so attractive especially their pro-rated refund policy of Identity Guards for clients who are annual subscribers. I really appreciate and love this deal.

  • That’s why I love Identity Guard Adeks. I really like I can check my credit score every month from all 3 bureaus. I can keep tabs on my credit and see if anything looks fishy. A lot of people don’t understand the importance of keeping their identity safe until it happens to them. And once it does happen to them, they typically purchase some type of protection because they don’t ever want to deal with all that mess ever again.

  • I agree with you, Identity Guard’s prices are very reasonable and you get so much for the money. The emergency money you receive if you wallet is lost or stolen, or the anti-virus software they give you are awesome perks that almost no other identity theft protection company gives to members. Those little perks is why Identity Guard is my top choice and deservedly so.

  • I am with you 100% John. Being an internet entrepreneur, I worry about all my passwords getting stolen. I love that I have encryption software that protects me from that ever happening. Since the vast majority of people do all kinds of transactions online, it’s a no brainer to have your computer protected from thieves lurking in the shadows.

  • Thanks for sharing your story Shirley. I feel your pain because I am a victim as well and my life really did get turned upside down. I really wish I was a member back then because Identity Guard would have spent up to $1 million to hire all the lawyers and specialists that I needed to get my identity back on track. It was a very costly mistake that I will never make again. The massive headache could have been averted if I had a company like Identity Guard watching my back.

  • Ernest Kulyk

    I’ve been a victim of identity theft just a year ago and it’s not what you really want to experience in your life. I felt secure before, but since I had my house burgled and all of my documents stolen, I’ve started to receive warnings involving my name and numbers. So it happened!

    Fortunately, major damage was detected and solved. Honestly, it was sobering and mind changing. I’ve done some research and spoke to people who use different services that protect us from Identity theft. Neither TrustedID, nor Identity Fraud or ID Watchdog satisfied my needs. So after that I decided to sign up with Identity Guard to protect myself from future identity thefts. And it worked.

    I started last summer and I’m extremely satisfied with high-quality security for such a sensible monthly cost. I get messages every month that keeps me informed on any suspicious actions to my accounts.

    As for their website, Identity Guard’s home page comfortably shows all key information, so no need to navigate around looking for my credit scores or new alerts. And they’ve got very usable mobile app too.

    Also, with help of Identity Guard, I’m able to keep an eye on my credit and use tips from company to help my score increase.

    I’m using their Platinum $22.99/month plan. I think it’s a reasonable price for a such needed service. Powerful Antivirus Software and Password Protection Software I never thought I need, but now I feel more secure with it.

    Another amazing tool is Keystroke Encryption Software. It makes unreal for thiefs to stole my data.

    As a pleasure bonus, every time when I needed to contact the company it was easy with a fast response and no hassle at all. So actually they fulfill all promises. It’s not a common thing nowadays. Completely satisfied!

    I decided to write about this service recently after speaking with my pal, who has same problem I had. Now he’s satisfied. Hope you too.

  • Wilbert Estrada

    Well, I’ve never been a victim of identity theft, but my brother was a regular user of an online service, he never worried about getting his identity stolen, as most of us don’t, and then one day it happened. His identity was “hijacked”, losing thousands of dollars and ruining his credit. My brother when from a 700 + beacon score to a 550; he could not buy that car that he wanted and he had to wait many years and go through a painful process, and even till this day his beacon score is only in the mid 600’s and now he has to pay a higher interest rate that he doesn’t deserve.

    I have to say that after my brother’s experience I’m taking no chances at all, so I found Identity Guard … I checked other identity theft companies, but some of them make it hard even for you to sign-up, and this company makes the sign-up process extremely easy… This tells me that if they take care of the small details they will take care of the bigger and important ones… That’s what I’ve learned to pay attention to, being a company owner myself. On the technical issues, they deliver what they promise: “You can easily view your credit score, public records, and retrieve more valuable information directly from the dashboard.” And so far, my identity has not been compromised, so I wanted to take the time to thank you guys at Identity Guard!… Keep up the good work!

  • Wilbert Estrada

    You are so right Jayson… for just a few cents a day, you can’t go wrong, but most of us don’t react until is too late… I’m not letting that happen to me… as they say: “Better safe than sorry”

  • Elyse

    Identity theft is such a huge deal now, and I love that Identity Guard has plans that fit any budget. My mother’s identity was stolen a few years ago and they spent tens of thousands of dollars in her name. She felt completely helpless while she was trying to fix the situation, and she is still dealing with the aftermath. Identity theft is now one of my biggest nightmares!

    Once identify theft happens to you or your family, the cost of this type of service will seem like nothing compared to what you have to lose. Using an identity theft protection plan is the one thing that everyone should be doing to protect themselves and their families (adults are not the only ones who can get taken advantage of). Not only do you have to protect your credit cards, but you also have to protect all the information on your computer/phone/tablet, social security, etc. Nothing is safe, which is why it is so good that Identity Guard offers different plans that encompass a range of protection strategies.

  • Tuesday

    Identity theft is such a danger these days, I feel that having protection is very much needed. There are unscrupulous people taking advantage of other people all the time. Especially worrisome are the incidents when information is stolen after you use a credit or debit card at a store whose system has been breached. This has occurred several times in the past few years. It is worth it to have a feeling of security for as little as 8.99 a month. I also really appreciate that they provide security for children as well – identity theft of children is more common than you might think. They will take the child’s social security number and use it to accrue thousands in debt in your child’s name. This often goes unnoticed until the child becomes old enough to apply for loans or credit cards and then finds out that their identity has been stolen and their entire financial life is a mess. All of this can be avoided for about $10 a month! Completely worth it, to me.

  • Joe Turner

    Hey there everyone I just wanted to say that it can be very scary when identity theft hits you. I’m one of those people that you hear about who never thinks it will happen to them. Here’s what happened to me – I lost my wallet and didn’t report everything missing for 24 hours thinking that someone would find it for me (I left it at the gym). Well, some unscrupulous character decided it was Christmas with my credit cards and made some hefty charges. They even had the nerve to fill their gas tank! Long story short, Identity Guard alerted me to all of these charges and swooped in to the rescue. They even helped me to repair my credit after all of the dust had settled. Don’t think that you are ever safe from identity theft, which according to all of the experts, is on the rise…BIG TIME! The small investment that you make in Identity Guard system will save you not only a lot of money but also a ton of misery and hassle. On a side note, when I contacted the Identity Guard team they were super helpful, professional, and courteous. The whole experience was pleasant and assuring. Thank you Identity Guard!

  • Jessica (Ams.Adedotun)

    Being an Identity Guard member has been the best and most wonderful thing for me, because of this magnificent benefit “Keyboard encryption’’. This has surely prevented me from bad guys (hackers) who do take my personal information without my approval. No more been worry about losing my personal information to this bad guys now that I have the very BEST software that gives me the rest of mind “Keyboard encryption” Currently, My Identity is PROTECTED.

    The astounding service that has separates them from the rest is the Identity Guard’s lost wallet protection that gives you close to $2,000 if you lost your wallet. They also provide you anti-virus which is another bonus that is ideal.

  • Kandia Jackson

    Identity theft is seriously no joke. I know because my friend owns a small business and believe you me it makes you one heck of a target for scammers. No clue how they happen to get your information but once they do they start calling and stuff like crazy, the worst part is some of them can sound pretty legit and I know a few people who have gotten their identities stolen dealing with fake small business consultants and such.

    What I like about Identity Guard is that the company offers plans managing personal data as well as public records which I personally believe many scammers gain access to in order to target small business owners like my friend. I also like that they are far more willing to help than LifeLock who burden the customer with proving their system failed before offering restitution.

  • Jessica Miles

    I found about NIT several months ago. I started searching for software that can protect me from this after my sister suffered an attack in which her credit card was practically drained due to identity theft. Since then I acknowledged that there is a huge risk for this to happen to me as well.

    I found this website while browsing around and I got to say that i picked Identity Guard. Why? I compared the plans from 3 different software companies: LifeLock, Indetity Force and Identity Guard. I used them all on trial service, but Identity Guard offered the most features, functionality and easiness of use.

    I still think that I got the best software solution. I’m on the total protection plan and I think I will stay on it for a long time. Besides the Anti-Virus Software and the Credit Analyzer feature I also use and liked the feature Public Records Monitoring.

    The password protection software as I know hides the logs and they can’t be accessed. All this, and many other small features made me choose this software, but you may find more affordable or better software here, you just have to find what you need and like.

  • The bank may reimburse you for your loses but they will not do anything else to clear up the mess with your identity. That typically takes over 100 or more hours to fix. How much is your time worth? And good luck finding an identity thief, it’s very rare that they get caught, and if they do get caught, have fun trying to collect from them. If you have an identity theft protection company monitoring you, and you become a victim of identity theft; they will pay up to $1 million dollars to bring your good name back to how it was before the intrusion.

  • Hi Jessica, I am really glad that you went and tried multiple companies and decided to stick with the one that fit your needs the best. More people should do what you did. I am glad that you found our reviews so helpful and that you made a choice. I really like that you chose Identity Guard, it offers the best perks with the anti-virus software and credit analyzer. Most companies don’t offer them and that’s why Identity Guard stands out.

  • I agree with you Kandia, LifeLock has had some legal issues over the past few years. They are getting better at fixing their problems but they still have a ways to go. Identity Guard is a reputable company that provides fantastic service and does a great job protecting their members.

  • I love the perks that Identity Guard provides. In my opinion, that’s why sets them apart from the rest of the field. The anti-virus software and keyboard encryption are awesome. The $2,000 of emergency money if you lose your wallet is one of the coolest perks that they offer, especially if you travel a lot. You have the peace of mind knowing that you can receive money no matter where you are in the world. That is worth the monthly service fee by itself.

  • So glad that received such great help when you were in need. Imagine having to do that all that work on your own. It would be such a waste of your time and just flat out annoying. I love that you don’t have to worry about any of it, and that Identity Guard takes all the heavy lifting. It is such a no brainer to me to let someone else deal with all the mess so I can go on with my life.

  • It really is worth it. Children are the fastest growing segment of the population since they are such easy targets. Nobody expects them as targets since they don’t use credit until they are adults. And that’s why identity thieves love going after them. Nobody will even notice that they were victims until many years later and by the time they realize they have been taken advantage of, the thief will have been long gone for many years. It’s just a complete hassle and annoyance to the child. I think it should be mandatory to have your children monitored nowadays.

  • I agree that I love that Identity Guard offers different levels of protection depending on your budget. As low as $8.99, anyone can afford it. I didn’t have any protection when I had my identity stolen and it costed me $1000’s of dollars and took a few years to clear everything up. Looking back, I wish I had a company like Identity Guard looking out for me. My life would have been much easier. Education and awareness is key for prevention.

  • Identity Guard’s dashboard is really easy to read and understand. Their customer service department is just as awesome. You can ask them anything and they will do their best to find the answer. They truly underprices and over deliver. More companies need to follow Identity Guard’s lead and offer customer service like them.

  • I am sorry to hear what you went through. I know your pain. I am glad you went and got protection so something like that can never affect you the way it did again. Identity Guard is truly the best company out of all the companies that I have seen. They offer the most services and do it at such a reasonable price. Not many companies offer credit reports every quarter, but they offer monthly, I love that. The anti-virus and keyboard encryption are such awesome extra perks as well.

  • I agree Zafar. I really like how Identity Guard has memberships that can be afforded by any budget. At $8.99 a month, there is no excuse for someone saying they can’t afford it. And getting your credit scores and reports monthly for $22.99 is such a good deal along with having your identity monitored.

  • I am glad you found our site so helpful. That’s the whole purpose for our site. We want to help people make the best decision that will fulfill their needs. Everyone has different needs and wants. I have found that Identity Guard fills most of them and that’s why recommend them over the rest of the competition.

  • Eileen Paul

    Identity Guard was one place that initially I was doubtful about , however after nearly having my identity stolen once before I was doing research on all of my options . I wanted to stay safe and I desired a reliable company to provide me that peace of mind . Identity Guard went over everything with me and gave me exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t have asked for better protection with their Monitoring Alerts, Anti-Keylogging Software and Anti-Virus Software, Quarterly or Monthly Credit,Scores & Reports, Lost Wallet Protection, $1 Million Identity Theft Reimbursement Insurance and so on. Certainly worth recommending to everyone.

  • Alec

    As someone who has dealt with and knows people who dealt with identity theft/credit card fraud in the past, I strongly advise people to look into getting Identity Guard. A close family friend had several hundred dollars taken out of her bank account by someone living in Mexico of all places. If I had known about Identity Guard sooner, I would have let her know about the service particularly because there are multiple pricings depending on which services a person desires. For instance, for less than $1 a day, you can get identity protection for your children under 18 years of age. Since your children will be building credit eventually at some point in their lives, it only makes sense to get their financial path situated as early as possible before they start getting jobs, buying cars and houses, starting a family of their own, and what have you. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get services such as quarterly credit score reports, $1 million identity insurance, and anti-virus software. The first 30 days are free and prices range from $9.99 to $24.99 a month, so that’s a pretty great deal in itself. All in all, Identity Guard is definitely worth your investment and I would advise anyone who’s even a little bit concerned about their credit integrity to check this product out.

  • Hey Alec, when you sign up through this site, it’s actually $8.99-$22.99 a month. You get a 10% discount and first month free when going through us- just FYI. But you are right, for around .30$ cents a day you can have the peace of mind knowing your child is monitored and that their future won’t ruined because of an identity thief.

  • Thanks for sharing Eileen. A lot of people tell me that as well when first thinking of buying identity theft protection. They all say that they don’t need it and they can do it all themselves. But do they ever do any of it? NEVER. It’s such a drag on your time and so much work. I always bring the question of – what’s your time worth? Yeah, you can spend your time monitoring your own credit profile, but why waste your time when you can pay such a nominal fee to have someone do it for you and you can enjoy the most precious commodity of all- TIME.

  • Christina Walker

    I had my identity stolen a few months ago when looking and applying for a new apartment. I was scammed by someone who wasn’t the owner and said they needed my info for the credit check. Well, they got everything they needed to steal my identity! I was horrified to later find new accounts opened in my name with charges that I never made. Trust me, it is a nightmare if this happens to you. When you call various companies yourself to dispute fraudulent charges they almost treat you as if you’re the bad guy instead of the victim! One electronics club store actually told me that due to their “privacy policy” they couldn’t tell me anything about the account that was opened with MY INFORMATION because I wasn’t their club member! After trying to fix it alone, I took the advice of a friend who uses Identity Guard and suggested I look into it. Their service was impeccable and I felt like I finally had someone on my side. They helped me get everything resolved on my credit and I feel secure that this will NOT happen again! I also appreciate that they give you your credit score from all 3 credit bureaus instead of just the credit report, that helps me to be more informed when I apply for things, I know ahead of time what lenders will see. This is a quality service and I’m thankful for the help!

  • I fell your pain with having your identity stolen Christina. I haven’t heard that scam though. That’s good to know and I will definitely spread the word to watch out for people doing that. I am glad you had such a good experience with Identity Guard. They truly do have a caring group of customer service representatives that go above and beyond to help you with you problem. It’s really nice to know that with a simple phone call, they can do all the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to deal with all the headache involved with getting your identity back.

  • Caro Writer

    I had Identity Theft for one year because I was concerned about my credit card infos and other personal information that was leaked by its providers. During this one year, Identity Theft provided me with an absolutely excellent service and, more importantly, they provided me peace of mind that someone, besides me alone, was watching out for me. I received regular monthly updates if nothing was happening and immediate updates when something changed involving my identity. Absolutely Great service!

  • Albert Johnson

    First of all i will have to say a very big thank you to Identity Guard service, with your very secure service i am Boldly saying I no longer have any fear of fraudulent alert on my personal information or Credit card. And it will be selfish of me if i don’t share my experience you with others, i have been very satisfied with my Identity Gaurd service. With the help of your very active Antivirus software my computer is up and running and I can gladly say complaining about virus on my computer is now a thing of the past. Not to talk about the mind blowing benefit i received on Lost Wallet Protection, the emergency cash given was within the range of $2,000 as promised and that is one of the major reason am sticking with Indentity Guard Service.
    With as little as $8.99-$22.99 a month all my nightmares were over.

  • Susan Hutson

    Identity Guard has being into existence for more than 20 years and reviews from users say all about it. it offers premier identity theft, privacy and consumer solutions. It offers three different memberships that include Identity Guard Essentials, Identity Guard Total Protection and Identity Guard Platinum. The monthly fee for those packages ranges from $8.99 to $22.99 which i believe is better to compare to other companies. Interestingly, all packages come with a 30-day free trial period which summarize them.
    Identity guard protects your computers and especially your credit cards from scammers. Credit cards are most important sensitive object that do virtually everything for you online and they are targeted objects for scammers. I have being with them for 5 years now and the result has been exceptional. Many people(friends, relations and neighbours) joined me to use Identity Guard after my testimony. Some knew when i started using it and that reminded me the saying that ” Seeing is Believing”.
    I am an online businessman. I do almost everything online. I know the importance of safety and protection. I was once the victim by scammers and online thieves as a result of lack of protection and safety. Since that day to date, Identity Guard has being my life because i cannot do without it.
    Life they say, is full of risk. Think of what will happen when you and your properties are not well protected at all. I recommend it to everybody. Thanks Identity Guard and especially the CEO of “NO IDENTITY THEFT”, Areyo Dadar. You are a blessing in disguise.

  • Baddison

    Sadly, it is incredibly easy for criminals to steal a child’s identity because parents’ don’t monitor their children’s identity because they’re under 18. You don’t think you need to protect your child because they don’t have their ‘own’ credit cards, but little do they know that someone else already opened up a few accounts under the child’s social security number.

    By the time the child turns 18 and tries to get their first apartment or car, they will get hit with rejection after rejection because of their credit report showing delinquencies that they knew nothing about until it was too late.

    It is terribly hard to climb your way out of the abyss of identity theft. Bad delinquencies can stay on your credit report for 7.5 years and cost someone thousands of dollars from lenders not trusting their credit worthiness. There’s nothing worst than watching door after door being slammed in your face because your credit score is below par. You can’t get a car loan from reputable car companies and resort to “buy here pay here” costing you high interest.

    Beautiful apartments turn you away causing you to move into less than great neighborhoods where you have to put down a heftier deposit. Cell phone companies demand higher deposits for you to get a contract otherwise you have to go for a less than stellar cell phone company.

    Bad credit bites and it bites, even more, when you’re not the one that put yourself in that situation. Once the identity theft damage has occurred, there is nobody there to help you pick up the pieces of your flawed credit profile. You’re being punished for not keeping track of your identity.

    Every day, consumers like myself, use our computers for banking, ordering items online, which means, we are keying in our credit card numbers giving a criminal carte blanche on our credit profile that we worked hard to keep pristine for that future home mortgage loan. Key-logging is a common practice, and it makes me very nervous, but I love the convenience of online banking with my busy lifestyle.

    The identity guard service that is being provided here is top-notch when you think about what you’re getting for the price of a monthly renewal of a “Netflix subscription” for the lowest package or 76 cents a day for the highest package.

    I rather spend 76 cents a day for peace of mind and have the ability to monitor my credit report from all three bureaus than to risk paying THOUSANDS of dollars in high interest and large security deposits from a low credit score. Not to mention alleviating that violated feeling knowing that someone took something that is so personal to me, MY IDENTITY, the one thing that is my birth right to own for myself.

    I spend $3+ daily on energy drinks to keep up with a 10-hour work shift – you bet I can fork over 76 cents a day to sleep better-knowing identity guard is protecting myself and my little kids. They’ll thank me later on for being a responsible mom and protecting their future.

    Oh, wow, I practically wrote a book here, I apologize, it’s just that I’ve been there and finally had gotten my credit spotless, and I’m now enjoying the feeling of credit card, automotive, mortgage companies BEGGING me for my business instead of sticking their noses up at me laughing at my crappy credit worthiness.

    Credit cards are becoming very advanced with chip readers, etc., but criminals are also becoming smarter as well and it will only be a short while before they figure a loop hole around the chip reader – be GUARDED! I’ll stop rambling, ha, I’m just excited to have Identity guard “ALCATRAZ” protection watching over my credit profile.

  • Dean Gregory

    As a victim of identity theft in the past, I know all-to-well what a disruption it can be in your life. It months for me to restore my credit and get my life back on track. At the same time, I was determined to not let something like that happen again to me, so I invested in LifeLock and it has been terrific. Not only do I sleep easy at night knowing that my identity and financial future are secure, but I appreciate the vigilance and courtesy of the team there. Even if there is just a remote change of an issue with my credit and/or identity, they contact me right away with care and concern. Don’t learn the hard way like I did and seriously consider investing with LifeLock.

  • I know your pain Dean. Being a victim sucks!! I think you made the right choice by choosing Identity Guard. I believe they do a great job monitoring you, especially since they use all 3 credit bureaus for their monitoring and reporting. A lot of identity theft protection companies use just one of the bureaus, so you aren’t truly being monitored completely. I agree with you and I sleep better knowing I am watched over by a company that does it right.

  • Thanks for the loooooong comment. It shows that you really care about this topic. I am very passionate about this as well. You are so right about your credit being such a vital part of who you are and how it can affect you in so many parts of your life. If you credit is damaged by a thief, it can cause you to not get a job, get a place to live, get a car, a house, etc. It’s such an important part of your life that people just don’t take serious enough and it ends up costing them thousands and thousands of dollars of higher interest. For the little monthly amount as you stated, it’s truly a no brainer for the amount of money you will save in the long run.

  • Thanks for the praise Susan. I am here to raise awareness the best I can to as many people as I can. I don’t want to see innocent people getting damaged by heartless thieves. I have seen the worst of it and I pray nobody else endures what I went through ever. Identity Guard is pretty awesome and I am glad you have been with them so long and seen the benefits of their membership. I will continue to use them and advocate for them for a long time to come.

  • I think my favorite perk of Identity Guard is their Lost Wallet Protection. I travel a lot so I really love the fact that I can travel anywhere in the world and have access up to $2,000 if my wallet is lost or stolen. It gives me the peace of mind knowing that it will be ok no matter what happens abroad.

  • I really like the fact that Identity Guard uses all 3 credit bureaus to monitor you. A lot of identity theft protection companies use 1 bureau to monitor or when sending your credit score. In my opinion, I don’t think that’s good enough. In fact, my good friend was alerted by Identity Guard through a text letting them know that someone had ran their credit for a car loan. He immediately shut that down and stopped any possibility of his credit to be used.

  • writermannyk

    My wife had her identity stolen last month due to someone stealing her purse. Not only did they steal the identity of my wife but also our kids. Luckily, we are members of No Identity Theft and shortly after noticing the disappearance of the purse we were able to cancel everything and sought reassurance that we would be protected.I mean EVERYTHING was in there from ID’s to debit cards and social security cards. This was truly a horrific event. We were still on the 30-day-free trial, even though we have yet to pay anything we received exceptional service. From the thieves trying to use the credit and debit cards online as well as using various personal info like SS #’s online at which none were successful. Because of the information shared through No Identity Theft we were able to transfer that info to the authorities and within three weeks time the thieves were caught and prosecuted.

  • Clara Jhon

    first, this is a Really nice review article.Your prices seem really reasonable, especially when I think of the trouble something like this can cause.

    My friend had his identity stolen two years ago, and he’s still dealing with the fall out. I’ve been looking for a security plan for myself – I’m glad I saw your ad

  • Francis Davies

    Hearing about how my friends became victims of identity theft, I became so worried because I get involved in a lot of transactions daily and the internet is my second home. I knew I needed to protect my identity and also my credit. I looked for companies that offer consumer solutions cases like identity theft and privacy issues and I found ten companies which I compared extensively, I found that Identity Guard offered the most services with quick assistance and was very reasonable price. Also this is a company which was created more than twenty years ago and offers its customers the trusted protection that was once available only to major financial institutions. The Customer Service was also incredible. They offer solutions like monitoring alerts, sending quarterly or monthly credit Scores & reports, providing anti-keylogging software and anti-virus software, lost wallet protection with up to $2,000 in emergency cash, mobile application and identity theft reimbursement insurance of $1 million.
    I moved to their website to see the plans and I discovered Identity Guard offers three different memberships that include Identity Guard Essentials, Identity Guard Total Protection and Identity Guard Platinum. The monthly fee for all the above packages ranges from as little as $8.99 to $22.99. In addition to the competitive prices, all packages currently come with a 30-day free trial period that allows consumers to test the service and determine what best suits their needs. The identity guard essentials which was the cheapest include services like suspicious activity alerts, internet monitoring, identity monitoring, recovery assistance, online resources and tools, identity insurance of $1 million and the lost wallet protection for those who lose their wallet through theft. The second plan, total protection plan contains all the services of the first plan with its own features which include anti-virus software, credit analyser, mobile app, address monitoring, public records monitoring, password protection software, keystroke encryption software, three bureau credit monitoring with quarterly credit reports and scores. The last plan, platinum plan includes all the packages in identity guard essentials and total protection plan but instead of quarterly credit report and credit score updates, you get monthly updates.
    Since there was a 30 day trial for all packages, I opted for the platinum plan to have a taste of their services and I must confess I have peace of mind each time I make a transaction. No need to get worried about my identity stolen or my credit being messed up. The customer support is brilliant and quick. The mobile app gives more convenience and lets me monitor alerts and credit scores wherever and whenever i want. Also the anti-virus software installed an anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software on my computer. It is really amazing, i am thoroughly pleased with Identity Guard. I am definitely renewing my plan when it expires.
    Lastly, Identity Guard offers a variety of packages whose features and pricing differ. These packages are quite unique and competitive compared to those provided by competitors. The services are at the same time excellent and guaranteed to help subscribers in the event that their identity has been stolen. The benefits outweigh the negatives by a large margin. The sign-up process is extremely easy. I recommend identity guard for identity theft protection due to its overall monitoring and great support to its members.

  • Francis Davies

    Hearing about how my friends became victims of identity theft, I became so worried because I get involved in a lot of transactions daily and the internet is my second home. I knew I needed to protect my identity and also my credit. I looked for companies that offer consumer solutions cases like identity theft and privacy issues and I found ten companies which I compared extensively, I found that Identity Guard offered the most services with quick assistance and was very reasonable price. Also this is a company which was created more than twenty years ago and offers its customers the trusted protection that was once available only to major financial institutions. The Customer Service was also incredible. They offer solutions like monitoring alerts, sending quarterly or monthly credit Scores & reports, providing anti-keylogging software and anti-virus software, lost wallet protection with up to $2,000 in emergency cash, mobile application and identity theft reimbursement insurance of $1 million.
    I moved to their website to see the plans and I discovered Identity Guard offers three different memberships that include Identity Guard Essentials, Identity Guard Total Protection and Identity Guard Platinum. The monthly fee for all the above packages ranges from as little as $8.99 to $22.99. In addition to the competitive prices, all packages currently come with a 30-day free trial period that allows consumers to test the service and determine what best suits their needs. The identity guard essentials which was the cheapest include services like suspicious activity alerts, internet monitoring, identity monitoring, recovery assistance, online resources and tools, identity insurance of $1 million and the lost wallet protection for those who lose their wallet through theft. The second plan, total protection plan contains all the services of the first plan with its own features which include anti-virus software, credit analyser, mobile app, address monitoring, public records monitoring, password protection software, keystroke encryption software, three bureau credit monitoring with quarterly credit reports and scores. The last plan, platinum plan includes all the packages in identity guard essentials and total protection plan but instead of quarterly credit report and credit score updates, you get monthly updates.
    Since there was a 30 day trial for all packages, I opted for the platinum plan to have a taste of their services and I must confess I have peace of mind each time I make a transaction. No need to get worried about my identity stolen or my credit being messed up. The customer support is brilliant and quick. The mobile app gives more convenience and lets me monitor alerts and credit scores wherever and whenever i want. Also the anti-virus software installed an anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software on my computer. It is really amazing, i am thoroughly pleased with Identity Guard. I am definitely renewing my plan when it expires.
    Lastly, Identity Guard offers a variety of packages whose features and pricing differ. These packages are quite unique and competitive compared to those provided by competitors. The services are at the same time excellent and guaranteed to help subscribers in the event that their identity has been stolen. The benefits outweigh the negatives by a large margin. The sign-up process is extremely easy. I recommend identity guard for identity theft protection due to its overall monitoring and great support to its members.

  • I really like hearing stories of how identity theft companies doing there job to curb any damage to people’s identities. I am so glad the bad guys were caught with Identity Guard’s help. That is awesome!! Their identity monitoring does a really good job on spotting things out of the ordinary. I love their lost wallet protection service, it’s the best in the business. They take care of everything and you get your new cards without having to deal with all the phone calls and paperwork. It’s extremely convenient.

  • Ali Riaz Khan

    Hey guys my name is Ali and I agree with all of you guys that

    Now a days theft is so common in so you have to take some steps to

    Control it so I came to know about this

    NO IDENTITY THEFT and believe me this is the best one

    Now a days we all use credit cards to carry money and they can be under threat 24-7

    So we have someone to take care of it

    And its great to listen that know we have insurance on this also

    they have a dozen advanced criteria that they use to review each provider’s service and rate them upon how they do in each field.

    This company provide you different featurs like

    • Daily credit monitoring

    • Constant internet scanning

    • Price Factor

    Along with other criteria, they also take into account if the provider has extra benefits that others don’t offer. An example would be offering computer antivirus software, or keyboard encryption software, having a mobile APP, or offering password protection for all your passwords being kept in one place.

  • Katral Jamerson

    I’ve had Identity Guard for several years because I was concerned about my credit
    card data and personal information being leaked out by providers. During year one, Identity Guard provided excellent service and, more
    importantly, provided me peace of mind that someone, besides just me,
    was watching out for me. I received monthly updates if nothing was
    happening and immediate updates when something changed involving my
    identity. Great service!

  • Thanks for chiming in Ali. I really like the fact that the service comes with keyboard encryption and anti-virus for your computer. It is a perk that not many other identity theft protection sites have. Having an anti virus and keyboard encryption would easily cost you over $100 together. It’s just an added benefit that is included in being a member with Identity Guard. And that’s just one perk of many that it provides. Most companies don’t have quarterly or monthly credit reports available even as an option. They not only have that, but these reports are from all 3 bureaus as well.

  • Hi Francis, did you want to come work for me? lol. That was a great review and you did your homework. Thanks for all the detailed info and taking time to share.

  • Hey Clara, the keyboard encryption is a great feature that Identity Guard provides to it’s members. It’s something that should be mandatory to have if use a computer. There are all kinds of passwords being thrown around on the internet. Identity thieves have become very good at getting access and stealing info straight from people’s laptop’s and smart phones. I am glad that I have the encryption protection. Peace of mind…..

  • writermannyk

    Recently my wife had her identity stolen because of her purse being stolen out in public. Not only did they steal the identity of my wife, but also our kids. This was a very frustrating ordeal however, being members of LifeLock we were able to cancel everything and got reassurance that we would be protected.I mean EVERYTHING was in there from ID’s to debit cards and social security cards.. We were still fairly new with LifeLock and received great service.They tried to use the credit and debit cards online as well as using various personal info like SS #’s online at which none were successful. Because of the information shared through LifeLock we were able to get that information to the police and shortly after thieves were arrested. My family (especially my wife) are truly grateful to LifeLock.

  • Sandra Keyes

    I rarely write reviews but after being naïve about my identity protection, I thought I’d try to encourage others to take action. It started with one credit card getting a few random charges from stores around town, nothing over $20 a time. I called and cancelled my card and thought that was the end of it. Then my checking account balance started disappearing before my very eyes. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. My bank had a feeling about what had happened but they could do nothing proactively to stop it. That’s when I started researching identity theft protection services, and there are a lot. I found for my situation that Identity Guard was the best option, their recovery assistance offered is well above the others I researched as well as what information is protected – even at the lowest plan available. It also has online software that I can use to keep track of everything. Since they had a 30 day free trial as well as 10% discount, it was a no brainer.

  • It really is a no brainer to take advantage of the 30 days free and 10% off every month when signing up through our site. I don’t see why people don’t take advantage of the free trial and see how good Identity Guard is. No harm no foul if you decide not to go with them. It doesn’t hurt to get your credit score and report either if you decide to get the total protection or platinum plan.

  • Hi Manny, I think you went to the wrong review page and posted bout LifeLock instead. This is a review for Identity Guard. lol. But I am glad you took the time to share how good of a job LifeLock did to help you and your family get back on track. I am also glad they hunted down the thieves and arrested them with the help of LifeLock.

  • I am glad you see the value of what Identity Guard does. The peace of mind factor is huge in my opinion. I don’t ever want to be in the position of “what if” when I run my credit and not knowing if someone had already compromised my identity. The small amount I pay per month is no comparison to the amount of stress relief I feel not having to worry about annoying details of my identity getting stolen. I am very glad there are companies like Identity Guard out there to keep me from worrying all the time.

  • Karoki

    A while back a friend of mine went through a horrible experience after becoming a victim of identity theft. The thief opened seven credit card accounts in her name and charged $10,000 in fraudulent purchases. My friend was innocently going on with her life not knowing this was happening until she decided to apply for a loan. She was shocked when she learned that she could not get the loan and what frustrated her most was the process of resolving this issue. Though the issue was resolved, it is better to be on the safer side. In all this I was very concerned because you never know who these crooks might target next. She later heard about Identity Guard and that it monitors personal and financial information that assists customers by alerting them of identity theft. They inform customers about suspicious transaction that seems fraudulent by text, phone, or email. If the transaction is fraudulent, the Identity Guard team follows the case to make sure no damage is inflicted. This made me realize that after all there is a way to go about your business knowing that you are safe. It is worth it since we live in a very busy world, and you might not realize some very minor things that might cost you dearly. When my friend acquired Identity Guard, I also did the same. They use the most up-to-date technology that monitors your personal and financial information. They provided me with software to help secure private information, so it stays out of the hands of identity thieves. The best part is I had time to see how it works through their 30-day free trial period that allows consumers to test the service and determine what best suits their needs. I settled for their Total Protection plan which I felt that it was the best compare to Platinum and Essentials Package plans. It even comes with an antivirus, Credit Analyzer, Address Monitoring, Keystroke Encryption Software, Password Protection Software, Mobile App that allows users to monitor alerts and credit scores wherever and whenever they want among other fabulous goodies. I like how it is affordable to protect my identity as well as my family’s. Kudos Identity Guard for denying identity thieves a chance to take advantage of me as well as your other customers.

  • Richard James

    In today’s fast paced, connivence driven world, we’ve started to take things for granted. I can shop online with ease, so why not shop on my phone with ease too. We start to share so much of our personal information without even considering who might be out there trying to grab our most prized information. I was one of those people who never thought twice about typing in my credit card information into a website or on my phone to buy something online, that is until the day my identity was stolen, and wouldn’t you know it, it was right in the middle of the holiday season too. I work hard to keep my family happy and I was taken back by how much it hurt to know someone hundreds of miles away was getting to use my hard earned money and credit.
    After months of long phone calls to work with my bank to clear things up, I had the exact same thing happen to me again, from the same area that the first theft was reported! Not only would I have to go through hoops again to fix this problem but I’d also have marks on the credit report that I couldn’t get clear up fast enough to feel confident about the credit score I had. I was in the market for a new car at the time too, so I knew I needed help to clean things up and this is where the wonderful people with No Identity Theft come into play.
    They provide the motioning I need in my busy day, they have my back in the way the credit card guys don’t have the time to do, I now get regular alerts by text and phone to keep me up to date on all the activity on my cards so I can go on with my days with ease and reassurance that I’ve got another set of eye out there looking out for me.
    As a nice bonus, I upgraded to the biggest plan they offer, the “Platinum” plan which provides me with total protection I need plus 3 monthly credit reports which I value as someone who’s working on getting their score up after those fraud situations I dealt with.

  • Robyn

    I must say, Identity Guard really seem to provide a first class service – from great customer service to the products themselves and it’s is so convenient having it all on a mobile app. I really just hadn’t realised how common identity theft was until a few months ago when I was an unfortunate victim. It is so easy to hear recent figures about identity theft without fully realizing the danger that it will happen to you. I know it sounds cliché but you never really understand the likelihood of it happening until it happens to you. Services like Identity Guard exist for a reason and with such an easy sign up and convenient website it makes the whole process a breeze. Unfortunately, I did not have Identity Guard when it happened to me which meant I spent countless hours on the phone, not knowing who to call first. If I had been offered this comprehensive service at the time and reduce all that hassle, I would not have hesitated for a moment.

  • It is so true that you never think about getting identity theft protection because you think it will never happen to you. Then when it happens to you, it completely catches you off guard and it really sucks. It’s such a violating feeling when someone takes your identity like that. Not having a company like Identity Guard to be there to clean up the mess causes such an array of phone calls and paperwork to fill out that seems like it never ends. So glad that you have Identity Guard now so if it ever happens again, you can just let them do all the work.

  • So glad that our site helped and you got the protection that you needed. I love the fact that the Platinum plan gives you your credit scores and reports monthly. It allows you to see all three bureaus and see if anything suspicious ever happens on your credit report. Not many of the identity theft protection companies even offer this service. That’s a big reason why I think Identity Guard is the best- amongst other factors as well.

  • The best bang for your buck is the Total Protection plan. For $16.99, you get everything that you need and still get your credit reports every quarter from all 3 bureaus. The extra perks with the anti-virus, keystroke encryption, credit analyzer, are just extra cherries on top that solidify their top rating. I also love the fact that I can get $2,000 of my own money no matter where I am if someone steals my wallet while I am on vacation. That is invaluable in my opinion.

  • VIC

    This product helped me tremendously in a time I felt nothing else could help me. I too was a victim of identity theft; ruining both my credit and bank account statements in less than a few hours. When you go online you are faced with so many useless ads and companies charging a hike for protection, but in my long search for help I found No Identity Theft, which has really been a blessing to me.

    Immediately after i bought my protection I felt safer. When strange business was going on I was alerted immediately via text, email, and by phone. It felt like they were working non stop to watch my assets, and I no longer had to look over my shoulder to protect the things I’ve worked so hard for.

    For such a small fee you can be just as protected as I am, and have the freedom of focusing on the things in life that matter so much more than worrying about thieves trying to steal your peace.

    It was so easy to get started and the protection seamlessly fit between myself and my boyfriends accounts, so there was no hassle in starting up. And best of all, it helped to rebuild my credit so that I could start to rebuild my life.

    I’ve never been so happy with a purchase, especially one with all these benefits for so cheap. I loved it so much I bought it for several members in my family to prevent them from going through what I had to go through, and to no surprise they love No Identity Theft just as much as I do 🙂

  • David Smith

    Identity theft is the worst thing ever and you will never be happy when it happens to you. Last December I was trapped by the online identity theft who stole my credit card information even though I only use it on very secure sites like Apple and Amazon. I got a phone from the bank and they told me that my credit card is now all over the internet. Thankfully, I called their helpful team who tracked down who is using my identity online and they were able to protect my credit score from getting dropped down. Obviously, the bank stopped my card but they did not care about my credit score unlike LifeLock where they managed to help me get my identity back and tracked my credit score to make sure that I’m in the safe zone. Thing to be mentioned is that they have a great team who always welcome to answer any of my questions and being very patient with me. Also they always offering me tips on how to keep my identity safe all the time.

  • Hi David, identity theft is a scary and lonely feeling when it happens. I love how Identity Guard gets on top of it right away and starts going to work to re-establish your identity. The customer service goes above and beyond to make things right. When a company takes pride in their customer service, the customers tend to be loyal and stay longer. I have met multiple people through this site that have told me that they have been members for multiple years due to the fact that they are taken care of.

  • CA Bravo

    Identity theft hits home for me. I once had my credit card
    used by someone who put a skimmer on an ATM and tried to remove money from my
    bank account.

    I had a lot of problems with my bank, even though the scammer only took about
    $5. I waited two weeks for my five bucks to be returned to my account and now
    only use that particular account for PayPal transfers and switch my funds to a
    credit union down the street from me.

    The plan starting at $8.99 after 30 days seems the way that I will probably go
    and if I feel I need additional protection then I will upgrade to an account
    that offers more coverage.

    I learned to never store my credit card/debit card info online and keep it on
    my PC behind a software and hardware firewall plus I have anti malware software
    that protects my info against fraud. I also use a website that checks how easy
    it is to guess a password before I use it. I recently changed my passwords for
    my business networking profile and my secondary password to a string of a
    minimum of fifteen alphanumeric characters and the password website told me it
    would take three million years to crack it.

    This service seems well worth the money spent and I can use it for my business
    and write it off as a business expense.

  • Kelsi Stockert

    I don’t normally review products or businesses, but when I come across a great one I have to let others know. Nowadays, there’s SO many businesses claiming they’re the best in protecting your identity. But it’s hard to find who actually is. A couple of years ago, after using a company I thought was doing a great job, I got my identity stolen. It was a nightmare. I’m still working on getting my credit score back to decent. But thanks to Identity Guard, it’s been SO much easier! Not only is the mobile app a life saver, and great to check up on so I stay on top of things. But every time I’ve had to call in, I’ve been greeted by some amazing customer service reps who take the time to ask the small questions. And even though my boyfriend has never had to deal with his identity being stolen, now he won’t have to! Him and I are on the couple plan, and it’s so affordable! Identity Guard is, by far, the best you can get!!!

  • What’s really cool with being a member of Identity Guard is that you get anti-virus protection and keyboard encryption to protect yourself from people hacking into your computer and stealing your information. That’s an additional perk that most identity theft protection companies don’t even offer. If you can curb the thieves from the get go, you won’t have to worry about your identity getting stolen. I agree with you that you should always change your passwords and make sure to never use the same passwords for multiple accounts. That can be disaster if an identity thief gets a hold of you. I hope you sign up for the service and enjoy what is has to offer.

  • Hi Kelsi, I am so glad you signed up for the couples plan. It’s a new product that was just rolled out. It’s so much cheaper when you sign up a couple rather than having two different accounts. You essentially pay just an additional $10 more for a second person to be on the plan with you. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. The family plan is just $1 more and that includes the married couple along with up to 15 children under the age of 18. You can’t beat that!!!

  • Andrya Long

    One of my favorite benefits about this is the loss of wallet protection. My sister’s car was broken into while she was spending the night at my place. The thieves stole her purse which had her grocery money, social security number, and all her credit cards. She had the essential plan for $8.99 and they granted her an emergency fund to replace her grocery money. I couldn’t imagine being someone without this basic plan who was traveling. After the mess with my sister I decided to sign up for it myself and now I can feel comfortable handling my finances from the comfort of my home.

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