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Not just another review site was created because we have experienced detrimental damage to our own identities. We have become experts that are committed to increasing awareness of identity theft and our goal is to lead people in the right direction to get protected.

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You aren’t alone if your identity is stolen.

At, we want to increase awareness by helping people understand the dangers of identity theft and what to do if their identity is compromised. We want to expose this problem to the masses and give them the peace of mind that they deserve.

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Identity theft is scary. We can help you.

Identity Theft is a crime in which a rip-off artist obtains important pieces of personal information like: social security number, driver’s license number, etc. in order to impersonate someone else. This information can be used to get a loan, file a fake tax return, apply for credit cards, cause medical fraud, or to provide the thief with fake credentials. An imposter can go as far as providing false information to police, create a criminal record, or leave outstanding warrants for the person whose identity was stolen.

An Identity thief’s main skill is tricking human beings, not just hacking computers. Human error is a large reason why people become victims of identity theft. Being aware is priority #1 above all. Don’t make it easy for hackers/identity thieves to breach your data. A few simple tips to keep your identity safe are: don’t open emails from strangers, use different passwords for different accounts, don’t give out too much information on social media, etc. Invest in an identity theft protection plan to monitor your information.

Identity theft protection companies use many resources to monitor their members throughout the internet. These companies use state of the art technology that scans the internet for any suspicious activity. If something seems out of the ordinary, they will alert you through text, phone call, or email.

If a breach does happen while having a membership with an identity theft protection company, make sure to call them immediately and report the intrusion. They will step in and take care of all the phone calls, paperwork, disputes, and claims on your behalf to restore your identity and bring it back to where it was before the incursion. Next step is to call the FTC Identity Theft Hotline (877-IDTHEFT) and report the fraud.

It’s not something that is thought about very often, but your credit is a very important piece of information that is tied to you and each one of us. Your credit rating will determine if you can buy a car or house, get approved for a credit card, or even apply for a job. These are moments when you don’t want to be startled with devastating news. That’s why it’s extremely important to track your credit consistently and have an identity theft protection company to alert you if something changes.

Each company offers different price points and levels of protection that can accommodate any budget. It will come down to the level of protection you want and what type of perks you are interested in when deciding on a membership plan. That’s where we come in – we present you with the pros and cons of 5 top rated identity theft protection companies. We’ll show you the plans and all you have to do is simply choose the one that works for you!

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  • Katelynn Starr

    Identity thefts can be scary!!!! My cousin had it happen to her. It’s a good thing to be protected for sure!!

  • Andrea Robinson

    I had all my credit cards stolen one time, and I can tell you it is SUCH a drag to try and call everybody and tell them that your cards are gone! Without the customer service numbers and card numbers at your fingertips, it is SUCH a drag! And, when you’re upset, it’s even possible that you would forget to call and report one of them. When this happened to me, I was out of state and it was pretty horrific, so the idea of having just ONE trusted place to call that has all the card info on file is very relieving. You really don’t want things like that to happen when you’re unprepared, and yet that’s when they do happen!

  • Jennifer

    It’s a pain to get your credit cards stolen and have to start over. With one phone call you can have the security of your identity being protected without worry. It’s really worth the investment in your life. At least you’ll feel that you have a backup of it once it’s been reported and you have a better chance of getting everything back.

  • Jonathon Mason

    Really, for the price, why WOULDNT someone have one of these services? It’s so vital.

  • I agree with you 100% Andrea! As the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry. It’s always when you’re not expecting something to happen that it ends up occurring. The peace of mind knowing you can call one number and they will do all the heavy lifting is why having an identity theft protection company is so crucial.

  • Identity theft is scary, stressful, annoying, time wasting, and down right evil. I had my identity stolen and it ruined my life. If a real professional identity thief gets a hold of your identity, they can cause a tremendous amount of damage to not only your credit and your bank accounts, but you as person can be scarred emotionally for a long time.

  • Seriously Jonathon, in my opinion it’s a no brainer. Knowing that someone is always watching out for you allows you to have peace of mind. For such a small monthly investment, it can help prevent massive damage to your credit profile and identity.

  • One of the biggest benefits of having an identity theft company watching for you is the amount of time you will save. The average person spends 300 hours to fix the damage caused by identity thieves. By being a member of an identity theft protection organization, they do all the work for you so you don’t need to waste any time away from your job or family. How much is your time worth to be spending 300 hours just to bring your good name back to normal?

  • Ghem Pantollano

    This is the most important thing to secure when you have credit cards , the ” Identity theft protection” which prevents the card use by other people except the owner. Recommended to everyone especially nowadays where theft is everywhere. I will get this for my own security and safety.

  • Nick M

    Identity stealing can be terrifying. NO IDENTITY THEFT can put a stop to huge damage to your credit profile and identity. It’s very important in today’s life.

  • Yes Nick, it is beyond terrifying. I am a person that can attest to that. I lost everything along with my freedom because my business partner stole my identity and did multiple fraudulent actions all in my name. By the time I found out what was going on, he had already caused millions of dollars in damage and fled the country. I know most people won’t experience what I went through, but I think it should be extremely important to have your identity kept safe in this day and age.

  • I am glad you decided to get protection Ghem. By having your credit cards monitored, you will be notified right away if any purchases are out of your normal spending habits. Your credit is something that takes many years to develop. It is a tragic thing to see when someone steals it and ends up ruining all your hard work and effort. Prevention and being aware is extremely important.

  • Domenic Stelle

    I no longer worry about someone stealing my credit card numbers or getting information they shouldn’t have. I’m very happy with these identity theft services I am getting. It is worth every dime. Thank you 😉

  • Carlie Stevenson, PhD

    I’ve never had all my credit cards stolen, but I’ve had some calls from credit card companies saying that that found fraudulent activities on my credit cards! I’ve had three cards stopped and replaced after hackers apparently figured out how to use my cards to order merchandise. I’m totally in agreement about getting protection SOONER than later!

  • Jesse Yusufu

    I haven’t evern considered Identity Theft
    protection servivces but whenever I call the bank they always try to
    sell me on that service. I wonder how it differs or maybe it is one of
    these services? Either way I’d be curious to see how it compares to other identity theft protection services. And agree, great
    article very informative and now I feel better about making a decision
    in finally making sure my online security is safe from thefts!

  • Scott Winston

    A few years back, my wife and I had trouble with our checking account…continuously. Finally, after it was hacked into somehow, and there was an attempt to purchase a high-end computer setup, over $25k worth…we shut our accounts with that particular bank, and signed up for id theft protection. The best investment you can make for you livelihood. Who wants to bust their butt, and get wiped out in one fell swoop. We did NOT want to take that chance. Haven’t had any problems since we’ve gotten the protection. We cannot stress the importance of checking your credit and such.

  • Marc B.

    Many of us think that identity theft is not likely to happen to us, but guess what? The perpetrators of this crime don’t discriminate. They can target anyone and they don’t care if they damage your credit profile. More often than not, the damage is irreversible.

    The importance of an identity theft protection service cannot be overemphasized. The threat is real and everyone is vulnerable. What usually happens is that we only take action after we have already been victimized. When there’s so much to lose, we have to be proactive and be one step ahead of these identity thieves.

  • Well said Marc, it’s all about prevention and awareness. The problem with this country is that we like to wait until something goes wrong before we fix it. Look at what’s going in Flint, MI. That fiasco could have been avoided if attention was placed from the beginning. But no, the politicians decided to wait and look at the mess they have now. Same thing with protecting your identity. Get protection now so you won’t have a huge mess on your hands later.

  • The more you have to lose the more inclined you should be to protect it Scott. You have the right idea sir. Why do you think people have trusts and wills setup? They want to make sure that people (government) doesn’t dip their hands into their hard earned money they made, so they can hand it down to their children. Same goes with protecting your identity with a reputable monitoring company where they keep cyber criminals from coming in and stealing your hard earned money.

  • Thanks for liking our reviews Jesse. There are many companies that offer identity theft protection. It just depends on how comfortable you are with who you want monitoring you. That’s why we chose the top 5 in the industry and reviewed them so you won’t have to scour the internet trying to find the best option for you. Good luck making your decision and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reply.

  • Yes Carlie, I have had the same issue with my credit cards being used without my consent. That’s why I love having a company watching out for me and alerting me right away if something seems fishy. It’s all about being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.

  • It really is Domenic! The peace of mind is worth it in itself. I don’t know if you ever saw the ads that LifeLock did a few years back where the CEO of the company put his social security # out on blast for anyone to see. He dared anyone to try and steal his identity. Pretty funny, but it goes to show how confident LifeLock is to protect the identities of its members.

  • Bronwyn

    I just recently got my coat stolen just minutes before I had taken my wallet out of the pocket. Had I not removed my wallet, I would have been dealing with the very issues many of you have been mentioning regarding contacting all of the credit card companies to cancel cards. This was a reality check for me because it was so close. I am glad that this article put into perspective for me that 1 in 4 experience identity theft. I am going to take extra precaution this time around.

  • Ameen Grg

    First of all, people should understand one thing. NO Company can give 100% protection to the Identity theft. Every company has its own bells and whistles.

    The best thing they can do is monitor your credit and alert you if someone tries to break into the lines of your credit which makes sense now. Because I have been in an awkward situation where my ID and laptop got stolen from the car.

    Having to contact way too many delegates was something I wouldn’t prefer to do again. Now I’m under Identityguard plan and Yes! I feel relieved.

  • Well said Ameen. No company can completely guarantee that your identity will not be compromised. Why they are so beneficial is that they are constantly monitoring you so if anything does happen, you will be notified right away and the damage will not be severe. And if there is a breach, they take care of all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to deal with all the annoying phone calls and emails. It’s definitely convenient to be part of a membership that watches out for you.

  • Glad you found our site so helpful. With lost wallet protection you don’t have to worry about the headache of having to cancel all your cards and notify your bank. The identity theft protection companies do that all for you. It’s a great service they provide. Hope you sign up for some kind of protection for the future.

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