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LifeLock Coverage and Plans Reviewed

LifeLock Coverage and Plans Reviewed

It’s probable that each one of us will experience some form of identity theft in our lifetimes. However, the degree of vulnerability and loss will ultimately depend on what steps an individual takes to protect their personal information. This LifeLock identity protection review will give a little insight on what LifeLock offers and the benefits that go along with the service it provides.

LifeLock is an identity theft protection system developed by LifeLock, Inc. to help customers detect cases of potential identity theft. The system detects fraudulent applications or activities on a variety of credit and non-credit related services for individuals and businesses.

The service provides 24-hour support on bank accounts, public record information, identity theft recovery, and black market website scans. LifeLock offers numerous features but these features are dependent on the plan that a client subscribes to. LifeLock offers three tiers of monitoring services. These are:

  1. LifeLock Standard
  2. LifeLock Advantage
  3. LifeLock Ultimate Plus

The LifeLock Standard package offers lost wallet protection, black market website surveillance, identity theft detection & alerts, and address change verification services.

The LifeLock Advantage offers all the features offered in the standard package in addition to court record scanning’s, credit card & savings account activity alerts, fictitious identity monitoring, data breach notifications, and online credit score reports through TransUnion.

The Ultimate Plus package which is the most expensive, offers everything in the Advantage package in addition to bank account takeover alerts, credit reports from the three main credit bureaus, enhanced credit application alerts among other advantage features.

LifeLock promises to spend up to a million dollars in order to restore a customer’s identity in case it’s compromised. In order to do this, the customer has to give LifeLock temporary power of attorney. LifeLock works with major banks, celebrities, and national corporations as a way of marketing itself.

In terms of protection, LifeLock offers better services than most of its competitors such as IDShield, AllClear ID, and AbineBlur. However, the fact that the service does not offer a family package makes its services rather expensive when you plan to add other members of the family into your account.

However, if you happen to have small children and have the Ultimate Plus package, you get the ability to receive sex offenders reports for your area. This may help you be aware of your neighborhood and the people that surround it.

Signing up and opening an account with LifeLock is rather simple and easy compared to other service providers. To fully signup, you will need your bank account information, email address, credit cards, phone number, and other identification or support documents.

It’s possible for people to watch out for telltale signs of possible identity theft. However, it’s highly unlikely someone will spend that amount of time. That is why LifeLock is necessary.

LifeLock, takes care of the monotonous task of constantly monitoring situations where your information may be compromised and alerts you immediately if something seems fishy.

In addition, the customer service representatives will help a client when replacing lost credit cards and driver’s licenses in order to ensure that their private information is securely protected. LifeLock is an established company that has helped millions of customers avoid becoming another statistic. Definitely worth the price tag.


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