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LifeLock Ultimate Plus Identity Theft Protection

The best identity theft protection we offer. Period.

You’ve earned everything you have. Now you want to protect your finances and your future. But your success makes you an attractive target and no one can prevent all identity theft. That’s why you should get the best protection you can. LifeLock Ultimate Plus members have our most comprehensive identity theft protection.

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LifeLock Identity Alert System

Applications across multiple networks are monitored continually by LifeLock to help identify any attempts by third parties to use your personal information. The tool covers monitors applications used for payday loans, wireless services, credit cards, retail credit, auto loans, mortgages and more. If any risk to your identity is detected, LifeLock sends you an instant alert via phone, SMS or email.

Internet Monitoring for Illegal Trading of your Personal Information

It automatically notifies customers in the event that someone tries to buy, sell or trade their personal information on the black market websites in different parts of the globe. The tool monitors more than 10,000 such websites to ensure optimal identity theft protection.

Verification of Address Changes

One of the most popular of stealing one’s identity used by impostors is redirection of personal information to fraudulent new addresses. This allows them to gain access to financial information and if a change of address is made in your name, LifeLock will notify you instantly.

Unlimited access to LifeLock’s Support Team

The company has an award winning support team that’s available throughout the day and night to address members’ concerns or questions regarding identity risk, membership or identity theft in general. Just call LifeLock at 1-800-LifeLock (543-3562) and you won’t have to wait long before you are connected to a real live person.

$1 Million Total Service Guarantee

In case any member LifeLock falls victim to an incidence of identity theft, the Total Service Guarantee from LifeLock will spend up to $1 million to hire the right team of professionals who will restore their identity.

Reduced Pre-approved Credit Card Offers

LifeLock makes a request to its clients to remove any personal information from any pre-approved credit card mailing lists. This serves to help reduce the risk of identity theft through one of the most popular tactics of stealing personal information.

Privacy Monitor Service

Using this feature, LifeLock scans multiple websites online for signs of your personal information. Members of LifeLock will get instant alerts if use of their personal information online is detected. Depending on one’s preferences, they can either opt out of or suppress that information from being used again.

Court Records Scanning

LifeLock scans your court records on a monthly basis looking for any matches to your date of birth or name. This helps prevent any false charges from being made against you and thus protecting you from arrest for other people’s fraudulent actions.

Fictitious Identity Monitoring

The feature scans for addresses, names and any personal information that relates to your social security number in credit and public record sources including credit grantors, state agencies, and collection agencies. LifeLock’s Fictitious Identity Monitoring also allows members to find anyone who might be building fictitious identities with the aim of fraudulently opening accounts.

Data Breach Notification

In case a data breach occurs at a store, office or company, LifeLock alerts you immediately so that you can protect your identity against any potential threats by taking immediate action.

Online Annual Credit Report and Score

LifeLock works in partnership with major credit reporting bureaus and members can always log into their accounts to access their annual credit scores and reports. Having this kind of access to your credit reports allows you to study your credit history thus a better understanding of your credit worthiness.

Credit Card, Checking and Savings Accounts Activity Alerts

Connecting your accounts and credit cards to LifeLock allows the company to continually monitor them for any signs of fraudulent activity.

Investment Account Activity Alerts

If any withdrawals or cash transfers are made in your investment accounts, LifeLock will alert you immediately via email, phone or SMS.

Checking, Savings and Bank Accounts Takeover Alerts

Financial fraud accounts for about 51% of identity theft and with such high statistics; it’s no surprise that LifeLock would do everything possible to protect their members’ checking, savings and bank accounts from fraud. This tool also searches for personal information to ensure that it’s not used for opening any unauthorized accounts.

Annual Credit Reports and Scores

Members of LifeLock can access their credit reports as well as scores online by logging into their accounts at any time of the day or night. This feature allows consumers to detect any changes or additions to their files themselves.

Credit Inquiry Alerts

Any lender or merchant inquiries associated with your credit will be automatically sent to you by LifeLock via this feature.

File Sharing Network Searches

This feature is relatively new and searches file sharing networks for music, photos, or data to identify any vulnerability to your birth name, date or birth, contact information, social security name and more.

Monthly Credit Score Tracking

This features uses one of your credit scores to track any changes made every month that may be crucial. This allows LifeLock members to identify trends or patterns that are specific to their credit over a time series.

Priority Live Member Support

As a member of LifeLock Ultimate Plus, you will be moved to the front of the line whenever you call a Member Services Agent. Priority Live Member Support is available to members 24/7 and allows members to save time.

Sex Offender Registry Reports

This is a registry that also alerts you in case a sex offender moves into your zip code or uses your address in a bid to avoid detection.

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