Script Kiddie

Script Kiddie

What is a script kiddie?

Script kiddie is a term that defines someone who is not necessarily skilled enough to design and carry out their own malicious computer attacks, but who instead relies on scripts or malicious programs created by others to carry out an attack.

Often, it is assumed that a script kiddie is typically a youth who is looking to impress someone else with his or her hacking skills or to get revenge on someone else.

But adults can also be classified as a script kiddie.

Are script kiddies dangerous?

In the overall hacking community, script kiddies are largely seen as “posers” who have a lack of knowledge to do their own work, and instead rely on someone else’s time and work.

Script kiddies aren’t interested in the hacking community for reasons other than boasting about their “skills” and targeting others.

Some security experts believe script kiddies are likely to become black-hat hackers looking to carry out malicious attacks rather than learn their skills for ethical, non-dangerous reasons.

They often target others as revenge, for selfish reasons, or simple to hurt others or to entertain themselves.

Script kiddies are largely successful at being malicious because they have so many available programs online that they can copy and use for their own hacks.

All they need is an Internet connection.

What are the dangers of being a script kiddie?

First off, it’s illegal to hack someone else’s computer.

Those who are caught in the act could face stiff fines and jail time, but they’ll also have a hard time finding a solid job involving computers after being prosecuted.

Malicious hackers are seen by others as being too dangerous to be given computer access for a company.

As a potential target of a script kiddie, the dangers are endless.

Script kiddies may find a way into your computer’s secret files, where they could steal your identity and bank account information.

When this happens, they may go on a shopping spree, which would drain your bank account and possibly ruin your credit.

They could also hack into your computer simply to delete files or cause some other form of havoc.

Script kiddies are also known for destroying or vandalizing website designs created by someone else, and others may send out viruses.

Keeping a system safe from attacks

Because script kiddies use any form of attack they can get their hands on, it’s impossible to know which method they might use against your computer or network.

In that case, use the best forms of security you can.

  • Keep a highly rated anti-virus running on your system, and keep it updated. Use a firewall, and keep a strong password to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Avoid suspicious links and emails, and never download an attachment from an untrusted and unverified source.
  • While using an Internet browser, keep JavaScript disabled.
  • Use secure browsing and avoid clicking on unsolicited links while online.

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