How do Businesses Defend Against Ransomware Attacks?

Business Ransomware


What is ransomware?

Ransomware is software that criminals use to lock you out of your own computer by encrypting the computer’s files and holding them hostage until you pay a “ransom.”

The best way to protect your business from Ransomware, is by installing File Level Encryption. This is a form of encryption where individual files or directories are encrypted by the file system itself.

As a business owner, you’ve likely taken measures to secure and backup sensitive information. But when a Ransomware attack takes place, the hacker will have access to confidential data.

Exposing your (customer data, intellectual property secrets, routing numbers and bank accounts, medical information, and proprietary information) will cause your clients to question your ability to keep them safe.

Recovering from a Ransomware attack can cost $1,000’s (direct cost to fix, fines, or contract violations), but that will be nothing compared to the indirect costs.

This will be the most expensive blow to your business. Since customers will have lost faith in your business, you’ll begin to lose them, which in-turn causes you to generate less revenue moving forward.

Lack of security may cost you your business

The National Cyber Security Alliance has estimated that 60% of small businesses hit by cyber attacks end up going out of business.

All businesses should install file level encryption to fight back and turn it around on the thieves!

If a cyber thief infiltrates and installs Ransomware, they’ll come across encrypted files that will be extremely difficult to penetrate. They won’t be able to read what they just hijacked.

And since you have everything backed up, you can easily recover your information. Their hijacking will be a waste of their time and effort and you can go back to running your business.

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