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Credit Freeze

Credit Freeze
What is a Credit Freeze? Identity theft can ruin your credit worthiness. A credit Freeze, also referred to as security freeze or a credit lock freezes your credit profile so nobody can use it. It gives the consumer the powers to prevent the U.S.A consumer agency to issue his or her data without their consent. The [...]

Identity Tax Fraud


Identity Tax Fraud Tax fraud is the intentional falsification of details on a tax return by an individual or a business with the plan of limiting or even evading tax liability. In this case, identity tax fraud is just giving away false identity to avoid paying the tax required or having someone pay them instead. Identity thieves ensure that […]


FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT (FCRA) Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) represents an U.S Government Federal Law that regulates the collection, analysis and use of personal or corporate bodies’ credit information among consumer reporting agencies, users of consumer reports and editors of consumer information. It was enacted in 1970 with subsequent amendments occurring in late 1990’s and in 2003. […]

Security Freeze

Security Freeze Every single day in America there are cases of identity theft reported. Luxuries of this information age increase exposure of social security numbers and other personal information, making us highly susceptible to identity theft. A security freeze is also known as a credit freeze. Security freeze is the lock-down of data initiated by […]


Spyware Spyware refers to any technology that helps in the gathering of information about a person or organization without their knowledge. It's known for performing certain behaviors without obtaining user consent such as: advertising, collecting personal information and changing the configuration of your computer. It's also used to gather information about a person's internet interactions, [...]


Malware Malware is specifically designed software to damage a computer system or to steal the information which is sensitive and private. It can be easily understood when you compare it with malfunctioning. Malfunction may be intentional or unintentional but malware is always intentional. It also includes gaining access to personal (ex. password stealing) or business computer [...]

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud Mortgage fraud perpetrated by either the borrower or the lender has the power to effect the overall economy. The extent of mortgage fraud in the United States has had such a dramatic impact since 2010 that judges and federal law enforcement agencies are far less lenient when these crimes are discovered. Some criminals […]

Identity Theft FAQ

What is Identity Theft? Identity theft occurs when someone gains access to another person’s personal information and uses it for their own personal gain. Most identity theft crimes are financially motivated so any information that could potentially allow access to your finances is vulnerable. This includes your social security number, bank account number, credit card […]

Is Your Small Business a Big Target to Cyber Criminals?

When small business owners read news reports about the cyber-attacks that large corporations suffer, they tend to do so with a sense of detachment — as if those kinds of things would never happen to them. They imagine that hackers would only want to target J.P. Morgan Chase, American Express and Twitter because they’re large […]